Definitive guide Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , the Respawn game available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest installment in a long series of titles based on the George Lucas universe introduces us to Cal Kestis, a young junkyard with an interesting past. This installment runs between the events of Episode III and Episode IV. Without eating or drinking it, you will find yourself immersed in a plot that could determine the future of the Jedi throughout the galaxy.

In this guide, focused on how to get all the collectibles available, we will show you how to get hold of all the objects, from aesthetic customization to improvements. Do not leave a single one and get 100% of the game.

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All Planets and their collectibles

Throughout the game we will visit several planets , each with its own flora, fauna … and collectibles . In each of these entries we will list all the collectibles, with links to each of them so you can see exactly what you are looking for and where to find it:


  • Bogano :the planet where the odyssey will begin to decide the future of the Jedi.
  • Zeffo :The Empire has a large excavation set up here.
  • Kashyyyk –A wild planet, populated by creatures that look even wilder.
  • Dathomir :The Sisters of the Night have apparently survived.
  • Ilum :the place where an ancient order trained.

All chests and their rewards

On each planet you will find lots of chests . In them there will be several of the other customization items that can be obtained for your character, the lightsaber and even your droid or the Mantis ship. So you don’t miss any, here is the location of everyone on each planet :

  • Bogano chests :don’t leave a single one of the trunks in the world where Eno Cordova lost track.
  • Zeffo Chests : Getready to go a thousand and one laps.
  • Kashyyyk Chests :don’t be fooled, the map is small but very long.
  • Dathomir :in this sinister place you will have to go up and down a lot.
  • Ilum :the last planet does not hide as many secrets as others.

All the essences of life and where to find them

Your character can improve his life bar with some skills . However, it is also possible to get special Echoes called Essences of Life . For every three of them you get, your maximum vitality will increase, allowing you to endure more attacks.

All the essences of strength and where to find them

In addition to life, you can also upgrade the Strength bar with abilities . And, just like health, you can get Essences of Strength . As with life, the maximum Force will increase for every three you collect .

Location of all components of the lightsaber

As anyone knows, Jedi fight armed with a lightsaber . It is an extremely versatile weapon, which allows us to attack and defend ourselves from enemy shots. This time, in addition, we can customize its appearance with different components hidden in various points of the planets, mainly in the chests:

  • Emitters :the muzzle of the weapon, from which the beam of the sword comes out.
  • Switches :The button that turns the gun on and off.
  • Grips :The part that obviously serves to hold your weapon.
  • Materials :Each material will noticeably change the color of the artifact.

All BD-1 improvements and how to get them

Cal will always be accompanied by BD-1 , a very useful droid . It is capable of carrying out simple tasks that will help us move forward, such as opening doors or chests. Later you will be able to perform much more interesting actions. Also, we can customize it . The robot improvements are as follows:

  • Enhancements :New tools for BD-1 to do more.
  • Stimulant Vials –Expansions to the Healing Item Limit provided by the Droid.
  • BD-1 Skins :Colors to customize the look of your partner.

Location of all the seeds of the terrarium

The Mantis ship is a pretty cold place. However, we can get several seeds for the terrarium , which will germinate giving a little more color to the environment. They won’t give you any direct reward, but there is a trophy / achievement related to it. And also, a plant brightens up any room.

Location of all echoes

Cal’s powers allow him to interact with Echoes, objects laden with memories . Doing so will earn experience points, as well as new files for the Game Database. In this way, it will be possible for you to get more into the world (or worlds, rather) around you.

Location of all ponchos and outfits

While we don’t have a chance to change gear, you can customize Cal’s look with ponchos and outfits . Although it will not make any kind of change in the gameplay, at least your character will be able to shine with the tone that you like the most.

Location of all Cordova files

The Cordova Archives tell you part of the game’s story. In addition, they are necessary to get 100% of the game, so you can use a guide to know where to find all of them:

  • File one:Discovery .
  • File two:Miktrull .
  • File three:Dathomir .
  • File four:Eilram .
  • File five:Astrium .
  • File six:Vision .
  • File seven:Goodbye .

All Mantis paintings and where to get them

One of the last collectibles you can get is the Mantis Paintings . With them you can customize the appearance of your ship , although it will have no effect on the gameplay or any other part of the game.


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