Definition of Telegram and 4 Kinds of Telegram

Before 1990, the name telegram could be said to be quite popular as a means of communication. However, from 1990 to 2000, telegrams are increasingly less popular. The popularity of this telegram was shifted by the development of communication technology that is growing, especially the telephone.

Moreover, cell phones have now been produced into smart phones that are able to utilize the internet network to facilitate the flow of communication. The development of communication and information technology today that is so sophisticated is what makes telegrams almost never heard of its existence.

However, it is undeniable that the telegram once played an important role and provided many benefits to public communication in Indonesia, even the whole world. The use of this telegram is also studied in depth in schools, especially for office administration.

Because, in the past the telegram was much more often used compared to the telephone. The telephone is actually considered ineffective because only a small number of people or agencies have a telephone. In fact, many government agencies in the 1980s did not have a telephone.

Therefore, letters are used as a communication tool. However, because sending mail is still considered slow, to send important messages, telegram is the best choice.

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What is Telegram?

Because once so victorious, there’s nothing wrong if we who live in this modern era continue to study telegrams. Telegram is a way to send news in writing quickly. For faster, more efficient delivery, telegrams are only used for important news delivery.

Etymologically, telegram comes from the words tele and gram . Tele means a transfer or distance, while gram means a sign or text that is moved or sent remotely.

Things to consider in sending a telegram is the cost of sending a telegram which is calculated based on the number or number of words written in the telegram.

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Various Kinds of Telegram

Telegrams can be divided into several types. Here are the kinds of telegrams:

  1. Kind of telegram according to its range

Domestic telegram

Overseas telegram

  1. Kinds of telegrams according to delivery

Regular telegram

Telegram immediately or importantly

  1. Kind of telegram according to its purpose

Telegram press

Radio telegram

Multiple telegrams

  1. Kind of telegram according to the aspect that sent it

Government telegram

Private telegram

Telegram Radio

Radio telegram is a telegram sent through telecommunications links from the mobile service. Radio telegrams can also be sent and can be received by ships that are sailing. Such radio telegram, also known as ship radio telegram.

In the ship’s radio telegram, the address must be written in full, consisting of:

  1. The name of the address
  2. Position or rank of the address
  3. Boat station name
  4. The name of the beach station

Multiple Telegrams

Multiple telegrams are telegrams aimed at several people with different or different addresses. So, this multiple telegram can be sent to:

  1. Multiple addresses in one place, and
  2. Some addresses in several places are handled by one telegram office.

Multiple telegrams are sent using address instructions in one place or city.

Examples of multiple telegram addresses:

  1. 4

Margono jlnbungur one jakarta

Marini jlnberbah dua jakarta

Danangandi jlnmerpati one jakarta

Didiharto jlnmurai lima jakarta

For the cost of multiple telegrams, one telegram is still paid. But, all addresses must be written and counted in payment.

Domestic Telegram

Domestic telegrams are telegrams sent between regions, between cities and still within the country.

Overseas Telegram

An overseas telegram is a telegram originating from one country and addressed to another country, whether sent by an individual or by a government or private business entity.

Ordinary Telegram

Normal telegram is a telegram that is sent with the usual shipping costs or fees in accordance with the provisions of Perum Postel.

Immediate or Important Telegram

This type of telegram is a telegram that is sent at twice the shipping cost of a regular telegram. For government telegrams that are sent immediately, use NS instructions , which indicate the nature of important telegrams. As for ordinary government telegrams, use the N official instructions , which show ordinary government telegrams.

Telegram Press

A press telegram is a telegram aimed at newspapers, magazines, press agents, government or private information offices, airlines and radio broadcast stations.

This press telegram can be sent domestically or abroad. Overseas press telegrams must obtain written permission from the Central Telephone and Telegraph Post Office (PTT), the telegraph Section in Bandung.

Government Telegram

Government telegrams are telegrams sent by government offices or agencies. To submit a government telegram, special forms can be obtained free of charge at each telegram office.

Particle Telegram

Private telegram is a telegram sent by private entities or by private individuals ( prive ).

Telegram Section

The telegram consists of 4 parts, namely:

  1. Paid service instructions
  2. Destination address
  3. Fill in the telegram
  4. The sender’s name


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