Self-development is the most important component for achieving extraordinary life or life success as desired by most people. The definition of personal development or personal development is rarely interpreted as a term. In short, self-development is investing ourselves so that we can control or control ourselves very well and effectively. Personal development according to experts in general is a science that is related to extracting one’s potential and efforts to explore these potentials to the maximum. According to Abraham Maslow, self-development is an effort made by an individual to fulfill all his needs for self-actualization. Meanwhile according to Erik Erikson,


The goal of self-development is to maximize all the potential that exists within us, so that we can become extraordinary personal and able to survive with all the changing times that come and go. In other words, we are always superior individuals, no matter what obstacles come into our lives, staying and winning will be our strengths. One of the most common examples of self-development we hear is recognizing our purpose in life. Everyone is busy talking about their life goals. Yes, obviously, the logic is how we can develop ourselves, if we do not know and understand the purpose of life that we want?


Personal Development in the World of Work

Entrepreneurs and business people are well aware of the importance of self-development in life . They will not be able to become successful individuals without an attitude of self-development that is done well and optimally. That is the reason why they are very concerned about the process of personal development for employees in the organization or company. Employees of HRD (Human Resource Department) or SDM (Human Resources) will try to organize employee training with some personal development materials. This shows that self-development in working, especially for employees really must be supported by the company. Therefore, training and human resource development must be given more attention, even more in number.


What are the Benefits of Personal Development? 

We already know the meaning of self-development, self-understanding according to experts, the purpose of self-development, examples of self-development, even we have also discussed about the importance of self-development in work . The question is, what benefits will individuals have from self-development?


According to the dot com Positive Performance Coaching website, there are 6 benefits of personal development. The following is the explanation.


1. Having Self Awareness.

“Before you find your soul mate, you must succeed in finding your real soul.” Self-development will bring us to know our true “soul”. In this case, self-awareness is the first factor that we need to have in order to develop ourselves.


Self-awareness will lead us to a successful self-development process, where we become aware of what the values, beliefs and purpose of life are guidelines in our lives, because self-fulfillment and life satisfaction will never occur if we only pursue and realize other people’s dreams. Self-awareness will help develop ourselves and make us even more excited to pursue all our dreams and goals in life. Some of the questions below can encourage the formation of self-awareness:

– If this goes according to what I want, how will I feel?

– With all the resources and abilities that I have, it seems like I have to change this. What changes should I make?

– What attitude will I give if I have this ability? for example, self confidence. Will I be a person who is increasingly developing self quality?


If we don’t want to commit to self-development, we will lose self-awareness. Why? Because we just let all the problems come and go. We do not allow “self-correction” to enter our lives. However, when we become conscious individuals, we will use all the power we have to determine how our lives will proceed in the future.


2. Feel More Focused. 

“Know who you are, what you want and try to achieve it”. When we already have self-awareness, then we will have full awareness of what we want to achieve in life. By feeling more directed, we will be easier to make important decisions, we will be easier to manage time and wiser in life. When there are many people who are confused and make mistakes on their life goals, we are the opposite. Self-awareness and a more directed sense will lead us to a more effective process of self-development.


Self-development and a more directed sense will shift our focus from quantity to quality. We will be more passionate to work more and produce more achievements. A sense of being more focused will make us become a person who never ignores the importance of time, so we always use time as wisely as possible. Self-development will give us meaning, purpose and certain direction for our lives.


3. Increase Motivation. 

“When there is a will, there is a way.” With strong self-development, we can develop the will we need. When we realize that self-development is a journey that must be carried out continuously, then we will commit to the long journey. And when we appreciate all the processes of the trip, then we will always try to maintain and increase existing motivation. Motivation is very much needed so that we become more passionate and eager to move to the next stage, and self-development will help us to get through all the stages that are needed.


4. Increase focus and effectiveness.

“Self-development will make us die in a state without regret”. It’s deep enough in that statement, but self-development will indeed lead us to the clarity of life, which not everyone can have. There are so many people who don’t understand what they want in life, to the point that they feel stressed in living life .


Self development not only makes us more focused, but we will also have a higher focus and an effective life. A sense of direction may guide us in our desired life goals, but we will still find many things that need to be resolved. In this case, self-development will help us to be more focused and work effectively, so that no matter how much work we do, we can still finish it well.


Self-development is a journey that occurs continuously, because self-development does not only consist of one step. From each step we follow, it will be easier to see the value of each action we take.


5. Stronger Defense. 

There will be so many challenges and obstacles in our lives, but self-development will help us to survive and face all obstacles that exist. Self-development will create self-awareness for us, so we know what must be done to overcome these obstacles by using all the abilities we have.


Self-development will also increase our motivation, so that no matter what obstacles there are, we will remain eager to get through them. In addition, self-development will also increase our focus and make our lives more directed, so that any challenges we have will not be a burden to our lives.


6. Creating Closer Relationships. 

When we do not develop ourselves, then we will become individuals who value our relationships with others. In the relationships and interactions that we do with other individuals, they may be aware of some of the deficiencies that exist within us, where these deficiencies can still be corrected. For example, we are a person who rarely says the word “sorry” when making mistakes. Self-development will make us become a person who wants to “self-correct” to become a better person.


That way, other people will feel that all the input or advice that they give us, we really appreciate. In addition, our relationship with the people around us will also be better and closer, because we have started to get used to saying the word “sorry” every time we make a mistake.


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