Definition of Islamic Education Philosophy According to Experts

Understanding Philosophy of Islamic Education According to Experts  – Understanding Philosophy is obtained through rational thinking that is based on interpretation, speculation, understanding, critical assessment, and logical, analytical and systematic thinking.

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  • 1Definition of Islamic Education Philosophy According to Experts
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Understanding Philosophy of Islamic Education According to Experts

Let us first discuss the notion of philosophy carefully.

Understanding Philosophy

Philosophy comes literally from Greek namely Philoshopia . Philo  means love or  Philia  (friendship, attracted to), and  Sophia  means knowledge, wisdom, wisdom, skills, experience, practical or intelligence. So, philosophy is the  love of science or wisdom .

According to  Al-Syaibani , philosophy is not wisdom itself, but love for wisdom and trying to get it, focusing attention and attitude towards it “.

In addition there is a theory that says that philosophy is knowledge relating to the nature, principles and principles of all reality in question as the object to be known .

In KBBI  philosophy is knowledge and inquiry with reason about the nature of everything that exists as origin and the law.

From a practical point of view , phagey is the realm of the mind or the realm of thinking that is thinking deeply and seriously. People who love science and truth are commonly called Philoshoper .

Definition of Education and Educational Philosophy

Education  is a process of forming fundamental fundamental abilities, both concerning the power of thought (intellectual) and the power of feeling (emotional) toward human nature or human behavior. Besides education is a conscious effort to prepare students through activities of guidance, teaching or training for their role in the future (Law. No.2 / 1989 / concerning National Education, chapter 1, article 1, paragraph (1)).


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So, the Philosophy of Education is the philosophy used in the study of educational problems. According to  Winarno Surachmad , Educational Philosophy is a fundament for giving birth to praxis, without fundament there is no education.

Understanding of Islam and Islamic Education Philosophy

Islam is safety, rules, differentiators, religion. While the religion of Islam is a religion of revelation, divine religions or religions that Allah is pleased with. After we know a few points from the above understanding, it can be concluded that:

  • Philosophy of Islamic Education  is the concept of thinking about education which is based on the teachings of the Islamic religion about the nature of human ability to be fostered and developed and guided into a Muslim human whose entire personality is imbued with Islamic teachings.

By studying the philosophy of Islamic education means entering the arena of fundamental, systematic, logical, and universal thinking about education that comes from Islamic teachings.


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