Definition of Innovation, Business and Business Innovation

Innovation is any progress or development that is identical to technology. On the other hand, business is any activity carried out to gain profit or profit through buying and selling activities, meeting customer needs and satisfying customers. So, what about the notion of business innovation? Business innovation is the development of a product or service, especially in marketing activities related to technology.


Business innovation in 2019 is also growing and expanding. This is marked by the increasingly widespread entrepreneurs and business people in developing their business by linking it with technological advances. Today, innovation has a very important role for the development of a business and business in the company. Managers have begun to socialize the importance of having an innovative mindset so that their goals are easier to achieve. This socialization begins by presenting examples of creative and innovative ideas in entrepreneurship, examples of innovative ideas and ways to make them happen. This is done with the hope that all employees will be more eager to provide their bright ideas in innovation.


So, how can we be sure that innovation is very important for our business?

Well, if your Career Advice colleagues are still not convinced that innovation is very important for your business, then this article is perfect for colleagues to read until it runs out. According to the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 4 main questions that can convince us of the importance of innovation for business. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Does Your Business Have Customers?

Yep! This is the first and foremost question for us to ask ourselves. As business owners, we must know whether our business has customers or not. If the answer to this question is “yes”, then innovation is very important. The customer is the King and Queen in a business, so we need to focus on customer satisfaction. Logically, customers will feel very monotonous with the service and the quality of the same products.


Customers want to feel new products, even more so if the product makes it easier for them to carry out their daily activities. Basically, innovation is created to facilitate human affairs. So if your business readers can create new innovations to make your customer’s life happy, then your business will get better in the eyes of customers.


In this case, business people and entrepreneurs can start conducting surveys to find out what problems and complaints are often owned by customers. Later, these data will be very useful to be a benchmark for us all in creating new innovations . So if your business partner has customers, then as business owner business partners need to pay attention to new innovations for your products and services.


2. Do you or the work team have the opportunity to make an improvement?

If your fellow reader is a business owner, try asking yourself “Do I have obstacles in innovation?” If the answer is “no”, then this indicates that fellow readers can freely improve your business by creating new innovations. On the other hand, if a fellow reader is an employee on a team, then the fellow reader needs to ask himself “Does my work environment allow me to innovate?” If the answer is “yes”, then there is no reason for us not to continue with the existing innovation.


In fact, there are so many employees who cannot innovate because their superiors don’t allow them to innovate. In addition, there are many business people who also cannot create innovation because they do not have enough resources, both in business capital and labor (human resources). From this condition we can see how many people want to have the opportunity to innovate, but they cannot.


If there are many people who want to do it, we can conclude that “innovation is a very important thing for business”. So, if your fellow readers have a wide-open opportunity to innovate, don’t waste this important thing.


3. Do Fellow Readers Want Robots in the Future to Replace Your Job?

Recently, the BBC released data that there are 800 million workers around the world will lose their jobs in 2030, because the work will be replaced by sophisticated robots in the future. The question is, are your readers willing if your work is replaced by these robots?


The majority of work that can be replaced by robots is work that is done repeatedly (always the same) in the same way every time. For example, the profession carried out by machine workers.


We know that robots can indeed do many things, even do many things at the same time. However, robots can never have a brain that is creative and innovative like humans. In fact, the robot also has no emotions in feeling anything. Therefore, innovation remains a very important thing for us to do, because as humans we are the best innovators compared to any sophisticated technology.


4. Does your company want to progress and develop in the future?

The last question is to find out whether we really want progress and development in the company or business that we have in the future? If the answer is “yes”, then innovation is an indispensable thing for your business.


We need to remember again that we will get something according to what we are trying. If the effort we give is just mediocre, then we will also get results that are not optimal. On the other hand, if business and company readers are “brave” to innovate, then be prepared to get amazing results!


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