Death Stranding Guide – Episode 6: Deadman

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 6: Deadman.

After finishing chapter 5 of Death Stranding we will be in the private room and Deadman will visit us to warn us that our BB has problems. At the end of the cinematic we must select the shower to continue with another scene in which we will reveal some secrets and soon we will have to continue with the adventure. We tell you how to overcome chapter 6 100% as part of our complete guide , since it will not be easy to not have (temporarily) our BB.

Episode 6: Deadman

We access the terminal and check the available missions. We will see that there are several main orders with the purpose of integrating various preparationists from the area into the chiral network. We can accept both since they are in a relatively close area radius.

Order number 47: delivery of high rebound spring for robotics (We leave it for the second). It will be somewhat difficult because we will meet EV in the area and we do not have our BB to alert us of their presence. For this reason, we must be attentive to when there is a change in the environment to move slowly as long as we are not caught. If this happens you already know what to do: flee to the direction in which our objective is. Once the package is delivered, they will give us the off-road exoskeleton .

Order number 48: delivery of medicinal sample to the doctor.We recommend going first to make this delivery, since the doctor’s station is very close and it will not be difficult to get there. In addition, it will not be a problem for us to join the UCA and will give us an upgrade to level 2 of the canteen . Back at the Mountain Knot City base we can accept delivery number 331 and take samples of synthetic cryptobiosis. In exchange for this we will receive the level 3 non-lethal assault rifle .

Once we have completed both assignments we must return to Mountain Knot City to continue with the pending tasks. This time we will have to fulfill order number 49 based on delivering antibiotics to the mountaineer . Despite the fact that the destination is on a fairly high nearby mountain, it should not be difficult to get there if we take a trirrueda and pass the EV area quickly to continue ascending without worrying about anything else. The mountaineer will ask us to urgently bring him a fragile machine from the doctor’s station as part of order 50 . Now is when the matter is complicated, since we will have to hurry to make the trip and watch that it does not break down the road. Somethingvery useful at this point is to have a network of zip lines that take us up the mountain. If we don’t have enough, we can always take another vehicle to get back on.

Once the mission is complete, we will get the mountaineer to join the chiral network and they will give us Level 3 Bridges Boots and reinforced gloves . From that same terminal we can accept order number 51 based on delivering a package to the photographer , nothing especially complicated now that everything is more connected in the mountains. Once there, he will ask us (as part of commission number 52) to retrieve his father’s camera from a nearby armed group. To help us in the task we can find various non-lethal weapons on the loading platform of the photographer’s installation. It will not be too complicated if we have already done this to assault an enemy MULE camp .

After returning to the photographer and completing the mission, there will still be one more place to connect to the network. To obtain this mission we must return to the mountaineer’s station and he will give us order number 53: delivery of stone fragments to the spiritist . We take them through a strong snowstorm along the way and in return will give us a backpack accessory: “love knot”.

After that, Deadman will contact us and we must go to the nearby Cabin that he has indicated to us in order to meet him. Along the way we will find a strong blizzard that will hardly leave us vision, so we recommend caution. Once in the indicated place, we will see a scene and the chapter will have ended, giving rise to episode 7 .


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