Death Stranding Guide – Episode 5: Mama

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 5: Mama.

Once we have passed Chapter 4 of the Death Stranding story we will reappear in downtown South Knot City. Our first task will be to go to Mama’s laboratory , but before that we recommend going back to the facility to access our private one and take a good shower, in addition to replacing ammunition and others. As part of this complete guide we will tell you everything there is to know about episode 5.

Episode 5: Mama

To get to Mama’s laboratory, we just have to move a bit to the north, as indicated on the map. Once there we will see a series of cinematics and after that they will send us the task of reaching Mountain Knot City . To do so, we must first pass through the distribution center south of Lake Knot City and two more points, thus making a detour to the northwest. Before leaving we remember that a zip line has been added to the CQP, with which we can quickly travel a stretch of a maximum distance of 300 meters.

As soon as we arrive at the distribution center south of Lake Knot City we will be able to accept main order number 41: delivery of construction materials at the stop north of Mountain Knot City . For this we must transport 5 ceramic containers with a total weight of 80 kg, so it is advisable to have a vehicle to carry part of the load.

When we have advanced enough we will find a territory full of EV . In the event that we are mounted on a truck and they catch us, a great enemy will appear with an octopus style like the one we already eliminated a few hours ago. We can try to end it if we have enough blood grenades and other useful weapons against stranded entities, but if this is not the case we can always flee from the enemy’s control zone so that everything returns to normal and we can continue with our way to the top.

Once in the indicated position, we deliver the materials we carry and in return we will have an armor plate and a non-lethal weapon . Order 43 based on delivering blood to the distribution center north of Mountain Knot City will also be unlocked It is an urgent order and we have a time limit of 40 minutes to complete it. On the way to our new destination we must be careful so that the rocks that come off the mountain do not reach us, since it would be a major setback. In addition, later we will meet some terrorists who will want to steal our cargo in addition to shooting us with lethal weapons. We should not give him that satisfaction since EV would be created from their corpses, so the ideal is to leave them knocked out without fatally injuring them.

The last stop of the trip will take us to Mountain Knot City itself through order number 44, which has us deliver an 80 kg antimatter bomb . In addition, we must avoid impacts and handle it carefully to prevent it from exploding. It is a somewhat complicated order precisely for this reason, so we must be very careful. We can cover the first section with a vehicle to avoid a long walk, but when we reach the mountain itself we recommend going on foot to avoid the vibrations that the motorcycle produces.

When we get to the mountain post, we will talk to Mama’s twin sister and we will have to convince her to join the chiral network, as she will be reluctant at first.

To do this we will have to return to Mama, so we recommend finding a nearby refuge and taking a quick trip to its location (The laboratory, in the south of the map). Once there we talk to her and see a cinematic, after which she will give us an improvement to our bracelet, with which we can cut the ties that unite EVs to the world of the living and finish them off. Now we will have to carry it on our backs to the Mountain Knot City itself . Even so, before starting the long march we will meet a great EV enemy at the gates of Mama’s laboratory. We recommend heading to the right side and escaping from the oil zone as soon as possible, as we currently do not have the adequate means to destroy a monster size.

After that, we must get to Mountain Knot City using vehicles, zip lines and everything necessary to cover the distance as quickly and safely as possible. This is because if we fall, they attack us and others, Mama will suffer damage and could die, so we recommend surrounding the areas with MULAS and EV enemies that we will meet on the long road. Finally, when we reach Lockne’s location, we can watch a cinematic and finish the chapter to continue to episode 6 .


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