Death Stranding Guide – Episode 3: Fragile

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 3: Fragile.

We start this new Death Stranding chapter after finishing Episode 2 as part of our complete guide . After the initial kinematics we must collect all the cargo that is in the dock and some lost cargo that we see in the area in order to take it to the nearest delivery terminal, whose location is not lost. Once there we link Lake Knot City to more UCA with our Q-ask and we can rest in the private room before accepting the next main mission.

Episode 3: Fragile

As soon as we see a scene in the private room with Fragile, the quick trip will be unlocked . We can only do it from this stay to travel to the most relevant places that we have visited and that are connected in the UCA network. As soon as the items we carry with us, they will become available in the private box office. You can try it right now if you want, but we will continue with the main story.

To do this we can accept up to 3 main orders (numbers 19, 20 and 21) . Each of them will make us move to a different point in the south and west of Lake Knot City. We recommend taking the following order: Engineer (fragile 15kg package), Craftsman (30kg package), and finally Elder (smaller 1.5kg package in a mountain area).

Shortly after we start we should use an existing watchtower or build one ourselves in order to know the location of nearby objects of interest and enemy MULAS , since there will be enough in the area. This can be especially dangerous for the fragile package we carry and for the fact that we do not yet have a vehicle in this territory . On the other hand, we will see some data chips in the area, but we recommend collecting them later when we are not so loaded.

Once we get to the Engineer’s position and deliver the package, he will give us a ” reinforced exoskeleton ” in return . It is a piece of armor that reduces the weight of the load and helps us transport it. Thanks to this our charging capacity increases a lot , but we will have to charge it with generators as it happens with vehicles (or with solar energy when the weather is clear, more slowly). Thanks to this suit we will be able to advance much more quickly and effortlessly despite carrying a large amount of weight on our backs.

Upon arrival at the Artisan we deliver your package and you will ask us for a favor before joining the chiral network: retrieve a toolbox in a place located to the north. Getting there is not too complicated and the only danger that we will find around the warehouse are a few varied entities that we can avoid if we go directly to our destination and do not roam the area. By getting the tools back, the Craftsman will join the network and give us a ball weapon that we can use to immobilize humans and, in case of adding our blood, also against EV.

Finally we have the Elder, but before heading to the mountains we can take a placid bath in some hot springs near the craftsman’s post, in addition to making sure that we carry the loaded exoskeleton. Once we are ready we go to the mountain and along the way we will be assaulted by some MULES, but we can turn the situation around and steal the truck they carry to move with greater speed and ease . Of course, the truck cannot go up the mountain, but we can leave it waiting below. Upon finishing the Elder, Die-Hardman will ask us to retrieve an important server to take him back to Lake Knot City. It is not difficult since it is located in a nearby camp that we have probably already looted along the way.

When we deliver the corresponding packages they will give us the design of an inverted three-wheel to build our own motorcycle . With it (or with the truck) we can get to the next mission point: South Lake Knot City Distribution Center to carry a prototype transport bot. Before that, we can carry out a couple of important commissions in the area:

  • Number 25: reconstruction of nearby road, just when leaving the city. To do this we must fill the asphalt paver with various materials: chiral crystals, metals and ceramics. We can transport them there with a vehicle to make it easier.
  • Number 26 (Urgent) Delivery of freshly made pizza to Peter Englert. It is a fragile load that we must keep horizontal and deliver before the 30 minute time limit

Once we reach our main destination we deliver the cargo and we will get the level 2 boots . Also, we will unlock automatic standard deliveries with bots. We can test them with a first delivery and rest in the private room until it is completed. When we go back up we accept order number 27: deliver a chiralium meter to the weather station . The only problem we will encounter is a stony and difficult road, but nothing that we cannot overcome with perseverance and the help of a long distance trirrueda that we can pick up in the garage.

As a reward we will get the ability to build shelters and rain guards . In fact, one of the main new orders (number 29) is to build a shelter, while order 28 will have us deliver some wheat seeds to the farm on the decline , to the south. This is no mystery, the path between both facilities is quite simple and if we have a fast motorcycle we can skip the attack of the MULAS that patrol the wheat fields.

In fact, the item they give us for the delivery of the latest packages is a function for the Odradek: ” scanner override “, something that prevents enemies from detecting our cargo if we use it at the right time. As for new orders, we can accept number 229 “(fragile): Timefall Porter” to take you back to the distribution center south of Lake Knot City. We go back there and accept two new orders:

  • Number 30: (URGENT ) Delivery of old components to the Junkyard : with a time limit of 45 minutes
  • Number 31: Delivery of tablet to the film director : fragile cargo and with the condition of arriving with less than 50% damage.

The two deliveries will be somewhat complex, since the road there is full of unexpected ravines. Therefore we must go little by little and with care not to fall, since the load is damaged quite a bit. Also, although it seems that vehicles can jump through the gaps, this will not normally be the case, so it is advisable to turn around. We will also meet some MULES so, as we said, we must be careful on this journey.

Upon arriving at the Junkyard and delivering the cargo, he will ask us for a new mission: number 32: collecting old components (with the condition of delivering at least 60kg) in the ruins of South Knot City. The problem with this commission, as you can imagine, is the presence of EV on the ground. Even so, if we go little by little and we do not worry about collecting all the loads, but only until they exceed 60 kg, we can return to the junkyard and comply if ordered. In return he will give us an improved exoskeleton “accelerator”, but before joining the chiral network he will give us a new mission: number 33: deliver an hourglass to the chiral artist (fragile and with delivery condition with less than 50% damage ).

Before going there we stopped by the position of the film director and when he gave his order he would give us “Sam ” sunglasses . Now, yes, we are going for the chiral artist, but with great care not to stumble, since we must carry the hourglass in our hands and it will be damaged to the minimum blow. Once we get there, we must return to the junkyard’s house to deliver a living person to him , as part of order number 34. We must act with caution in order to avoid that the client suffers blows and damages. Once we take her to the destination we will see a scene and finally the junkyard will join the chiral network.

After that, we must return to the distribution center south of Lake Knot City carrying a package from the junkyard. Therefore, we cannot afford a quick trip to make things easier and we will have to cross the territory on foot. Once in the destination, the possibility to customize our backpack will be unlocked and we will be given 2 new missions:

  • Number 36: Recovery of sticky weaponswhen transporting them to Lake Knot City. We leave this as a second task, since it will make us return to the beginning and we will have to carry a large load of 90 kg. Of course, we recommend bringing a vehicle in which we can load it.
  • Number 37: delivery of sewing kit to a cosplayerliving in the south. We will do this first since it is closer and requires less weight to be moved. Of course, it will be a stony path and therefore we must go on foot, in addition to descending to the ravine where the destination is located with the help of ropes. In exchange for the delivery we will get the otter hood , a special item that will give us greater mobility in the water and we can swim with ease .

To order the Lake Knot City (with the help of a truck to transport the 90 kg load) we must go to the nearby mule camp to steal what they have told us. Once we have more than one sticky weapon , we take them to the big city. And now it’s time to go back to South Knot City to bring them an emergency supply delivery as part of order number 38. We will not only carry provisions but they will also deliver a strange package: a compact thermonuclear weapon . We load everything into a truck minus the gun and set off for our destination.

Once we are in front of the city we must go to the left side and when we find a large lake, drop the thermonuclear weapon into the water . If we try to enter South Knot City with the weapon, the game will end and we will have to load the game, although it will not be irreparable. After that, we deliver all the provisions in the city to finally finish the chapter and advance to the next one .


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