Death Stranding Guide – Episode 13: Sam Strand

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 13: Sam Strand.

We start this new episode of Death Stranding and we are nearing the end of the game. The first thing we will have to do after having passed Chapter 12 is find Amelie on her beach, the place we have just arrived at. We will not have any load behind us or access the game menu, so below we will give you a series of tips to complete this episode as part of this complete guide .

Chapter 13: Sam Strand

The first thing to do to see a cinematic scene is to walk a few steps inland with your back to the beach. Upon regaining control we must save the weapon and approach Amelie in order to hug her by pressing R2 . If we try to shoot we will not hurt it and Death Stranding will occur (in addition to repeating the scene in a loop), so we do not want that.

After the cinematic we can move freely around the stage and the first credits of the game will be happening. Even so, it is not yet the end, and soon Sam will sit down and Bridget will return to better explain some aspects of the curious plot of Kojima’s work. We must keep walking until we get tired to see new scenes constantly until we finally get out of the Beach and … see other cinematics . Yes, little gameplay in this chapter, something that denotes the desire of the game director to create movies and to explain each detail of the plot well before taking us to the final outcome.

Once we regain playable control again, we’ll be embarked on the latest chapter in Death Stranding: Episode 14: Lou . Even so, everything will not end there, since we can continue playing in a kind of chapter 15 in which we will be operational in the world again and we will be able to distribute all the packages that were pending


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