Death Stranding Guide – Episode 11: Clifford-Unger

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 11: Clifford-Unger.

After reaching Lake Knot City at the end of Chapter 10 we will automatically start this new episode. Once again, we will be dragged into the storm in which Cliff and his ghost soldiers await us . In order to successfully overcome the episode, we give you a series of tips and tricks for the journey of this new episode in the complete guide to Death Stranding.

Chapter 11: Clifford-Unger

This area does not have a great mystery since we have already gone through 2 similar ones in previous episodes. Even so, instead of being an urban war zone, this time we appear in the middle of a jungle . For Metal Gear Solid players it should be familiar to you, so you can apply the tactics you learned in the franchise and use tall grass to hide. Before we get there, we must collect various useful items along the way, such as blood bags, weapons and protection, while dodging burning helicopters and other dangers.

Once we get to cinematic, we’ll have to find Clifd to finish him off once again. In order to do this we recommend going in stealth mode through the grass until you detect it . We will see it because it is the only one that has 4 illuminated cables waving behind them. Once we see it we can empty our magazine and sew it to shots, in addition to finishing with those henchmen of his who get in the way.

Other tips we can give you are to remember that there are ammunition and blood bags on the way and that when Cliff disappears we can find him again if we follow the “orange steps” he leaves or by looking in the direction the odradek is pointing . Once we manage to defeat him 3 times we will be able to defeat him once and for all and we will finish the chapter to see some scenes and get to the next one, episode 11: Brigdes .


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