Dear husband, here’s what I never told you and what I need from you

Between sweet dreams she hears her alarm clock at six in the morning, it is the time that her routine begins. She gets up slowly so as not to awaken her husband who is sleeping peacefully beside her; goes to the bath and gets ready to go to work. Sometimes he writes a note wishing him a good day.

In the afternoon, she comes home very quickly, since she has to prepare the food and take it to her husband at work. After seeing him for a while, he says goodbye with a kiss, tells him that he loves him and that he expects him when he finishes his work. When nine o’clock in the evening, she looks forward to it; sometimes she goes back to putting on makeup, bathing and applying perfume on her body, while her cup of coffee and dinner are ready.

Different Ways to Love

They have been married for 14 years, long enough to know their different ways of showing their love. She knows that he likes to watch series by his side, cook exotic dishes and every night he falls asleep hugging her.

However, there are things you never said to your husband out of fear of generating conflict, or perhaps because you feel they are unimportant. But, now she has the need to express herself freely, since she feels a great emptiness in her heart, feels that something does not make her happy, and that it is necessary to let her husband know that their relationship is not going to be as wonderful as he believes.

She thought of making a short list of ideas so that, when her husband arrived, she could talk to him.

1 Recognition

I always hope that when you get home from work, you will tell me something about me, that you will realize that I am getting ready for you, and that I will work hard to see you happy. I need you to recognize my efforts, my values ​​and my sacrifices, because sometimes I want to hear from you these motivating words, the phrases that reaffirm that I am doing the right thing in our relationship.

2 Details

I know that our relationship is solid, but, over the years, you have stopped being detail-oriented; I can think that you now have more responsibilities and that you feel secure in the relationship. However, I want to say that I need those affectionate messages that I used to send me, that bouquet of roses that I would give whenever I could reach a goal, that box of cherry chocolates that I love so much.

I feel that these details will rekindle our love and strengthen our mutual commitment.

3 Your different ways to be entertained and have fun

I know that you absolutely love social media and that when you get home from work, the first thing you do is open your account to distract your mind and relax. However, I feel like we don’t share the same fun ways, and that you’re missing out on quality time that you could spend by my side.

I don’t want you to stop doing what you like, I just want you to do it when I’m already asleep and that we take the time to talk or enjoy the things we both like.

4 Your way to correct is not to listen

I am very grateful that your first reaction is to want to solve my problems, however, I often talk to let off steam and feel better, without looking for your solutions, since it makes me feel that the ability to solve them is taking away from me. own account.

Of course, I need your guidance and constant support, but believe us that we all have different ways of reacting and, therefore, we have different perspectives of situations, so, maybe your solutions are not the right ones for the way I usually think.

5 Your greatest virtue is not listening

On more than one occasion he does not let me finish explaining a situation, when he interrupts me by telling me something else out of place; in doing so, you make me feel that what I say or think does not interest you. I ask you to learn to listen to me and to show some interest in my conversations.

6 Your criticisms hurt me

I love you with all my soul, for that reason, I believe that everything you tell me that sounds like criticism  generates a feeling of sadness in me. Sometimes, your criticisms hurt me, I know I have to work to reinforce my self-esteem, not to think that his words are bad.

Sometimes you make me feel like this, that I’m bad or that my way of acting bothers you. Stop criticizing me and help me improve on the things I tend to fail.

7 Not complaints

I think I have the right to vent, to be angry, to complain, after all I am a human being who is not perfect. You often tell me that I am a very negative person, that I must focus my thoughts on positive things; however, I believe that I am not negative, on the contrary, it is my way of expressing my feelings. I need more understanding from you, make me feel that you understand me.

8 Physical contact strengthens us

I mean that when you hug, kiss or caress me, you make me feel loved, wanted and protected; never fail to prove it, as any contact I have with you strengthens me as a person.

All marriage relationships are a little complicated, but the secret to a successful marriage is commitment, respect and love. We often keep what we feel secret, thinking that our spouse will discover what bothers us.

Don’t let your relationship be affected by lack of communication, learn to express yourself freely without fear of having a conflict with your partner. In the end, he loves you as you are; trust yourself and your love for each other.


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