How to deal with the positive diagnosis of coronavirus?

As scary as it may be to know that you have COVID-19, you need to stay calm and learn how to deal with a positive coronavirus diagnosis. Tension and anxiety will not help at all at this point, so it is important to have key information in hand and know what care is needed.

Although the media reports all the time on serious cases and numbers of deaths around the world, it is worth mentioning that an analysis of official data from China , released by the World Health Organization (WHO), showed that 80.9% of confirmed cases of disease is mild. This means that they are cases without pneumonia or mild pneumonia.

This is already great news, isn’t it? After all, in the face of so much bad news, it is important to be aware that the majority are mild cases that resolve easily without the need for hospitalization.

However, this does not mean that you should be careless, as you never know how each body will react to the virus. Above all, it is necessary to be careful with risk groups, such as the elderly and people with hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases or cancer .

In addition, other studies also point to data that should be on the radar: asymptomatic people, that is, people without symptoms of the disease, are responsible for two thirds of COVID-19 infections. Therefore, it is important to be very careful.

All this for you to understand the context in which we find ourselves and how important it is to be aware, but the purpose of this article is to help you how to deal with the positive diagnosis of coronavirus .

If you want to check out some tips, follow me to the end!

How to deal with the positive diagnosis of coronavirus?

In the face of so much data and alarming news it can be very difficult to remain calm when you or a family member tests positive for COVID-19. Although everyone is anxious and tense with the situation, it is essential to maintain tranquility and take care of mental health , which will be extremely important to face the disease and recover.

Accept the sadness, but think positive

Keeping your thoughts positive and making sure you get out of it is the first step. Avoid putting yourself in a victim position, after all, people around the world are facing the same problem as you. However, this does not mean that you cannot feel sad , but that you should not let yourself be overwhelmed by that feeling.

The pandemic that put much of the world in quarantine is a worldwide issue, much bigger than all of us, so having this awareness is important to face the disease.

If you are feeling very anxious and just continue to cultivate negative thoughts, try to vent your emotions . Talk to family and friends in order to get out what you feel and seek emotional support. In these difficult times, the people we love have an essential role in our lives.

Believe in medicine

When we are sick, one of the things we need to do is to believe in medicine, because it is one of those responsible for our recovery. When it comes to how to deal with a positive diagnosis of coronavirus, it couldn’t be different.

As much as there are still many questions about the disease and treatment, it is important to trust that what doctors say is the path that will lead us to a cure. Following the recommendations and taking care that others are not contaminated is the least we can do.

Furthermore, when we believe in something or someone, it is easier to trust that we will recover. Trust cannot be broken at this time, as all health professionals are fighting hard to keep the disease from taking more lives.

Remember moments of overcoming

If you don’t know how to deal with a positive diagnosis of coronavirus and feel anxious and anxious all the time, do a simple exercise that can help. Stop and think about other times in your life when you faced difficulties and how, little by little, everything was overcome.

Nothing disappears overnight and your recovery will take some time, but in this period it is important to remember that most cases of the disease are mild and that you, like most people, will get out of it.

During bad times it is normal to tend to stop believing and turn only to the bad side of everything. On the other hand, when the storm ends, we look back and realize how we have matured and evolved with difficulties. That is precisely why, remembering other moments of trauma that have been overcome, it will be easier to believe that everything will pass.

Build a support network

Don’t forget that you must have a support network you can count on in this difficult time. It is important to have family and friends around, even if it is not physically.

The love of loved ones is essential and will make you feel welcomed and safe. So, even though one of the medical recommendations is isolation to prevent transmission of the disease, look for other ways to connect with people.

The technology is there for that: book videoconferences, send audios, call and chat. In addition to all of this helping to pass the time, it is also a way to cultivate positive thoughts and feel more confident.

Pay attention to mental health

One of the most important points regarding how to deal with a positive diagnosis of coronavirus is about the need to be up to date with mental health, as she will be one of the responsible for your well-being during this period.

In moments like the one we are living in, when people need to deal with a new reality of quarantine, and at the same time face uncertainty regarding the future, it is essential to take care of the mind.

If you are experiencing the disease and feel that your mental health is not doing well, do not hesitate to seek help. Some people are ashamed or think this is a sign of weakness, but on the contrary. Having the courage to assume that you are not well and to demonstrate your vulnerability is a sign of strength.

More than ever, people are feeling anxious, stressed and afraid. It is normal and if you realize that you are not able to deal with all these feelings alone, the most appropriate in these cases is to seek the help of a psychologist .

Once again, we need to thank technology for the possibilities it creates, especially during social isolation. As it is not possible to go to a psychologist’s office, the ideal is to do the sessions online. And if you didn’t know it was possible, now you know.

The Vittude , for example, is a reference in Psychology Online in Brazil, a pioneer in studies and discussions with the class councils. It is a platform that connects psychologists to patients , with the possibility of conducting face-to-face or remote sessions.


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