How do I deal with negative reviews online?

Online reviews are very important for any business. But especially for e-commerce, restaurants and food businesses. Online negative reviews are a threat to your business. I’ve tried to give you some ideas so you can trade in negative reviews online. Hopefully you will find some relief!

Respond without wasting time

Not everyone will thank you for your business or service. However, whenever you receive a negative review, please respond. If you are mistaken, apologize for it and keep in mind that it will never happen again.

Be polite and professional

Anyone can give negative reviews about your online business . May be deliberate or unhappy with your service. In that area you must answer in a polite and professional manner. Never look at a negative review easy.

Fix a major problem online

If there is a lot of misunderstanding with your customer, resolve it by phone, email or visit. When you can solve a very large problem, share it with another customer online. This will increase your business reputation.

Request removal of false and misleading reviews

When you find that there are false and misleading reviews in order to damage the reputation of your business, request them to remove the reviews. If they do not want to remove the reviews, post them publicly so that they do not get confused. Misleading reviews are a natural thing, but keep in mind that they may not always happen. Read more – Small business idea that can be started without any staff

Encourage your customers to write reviews

Encourage you to write reviews on what the customer is receiving from you. Since you are doing business online, more and more good reviews will enhance your business.

Accept the fact that you have online business negative reviews. 5% positive reviews are not acceptable to many. First of all, keep in mind that a satisfied customer is more expensive than a billboard ad.

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