How to deal with emotional sexual impotence and end the problem

Emotional sexual impotence has become increasingly common these days. So we have prepared this article to show you some ways to deal with it.

Cases of emotional sexual impotence are becoming more and more common these days. They are developed by a series of issues and problems that can have an extremely harmful effect on people’s mental and physical health.

To make this matter clearer, we have prepared this article with tips on how to deal with emotional sexual impotence and end the problem for good. Follow and find out.

Understand more about emotional sexual impotence

Emotional sexual impotence is a physical disorder promoted by a psychological health problem. Some emotions generate high levels of adrenaline, a neurotransmitter that prevents men from having erections.

When these emotions are constant, the man ends up developing a chronic condition of emotional sexual impotence . Usually this problem usually presents for less than 6 months and the monitoring of an online sexologist and in some cases, even drugs for premature ejaculation are essential to solve this problem.

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Causes of emotional sexual impotence

There are many causes of emotional sexual impotence, and most of them are becoming more and more common these days. Proof of this is the large increase in cases of this problem in men aged between 24 and 36 years.

Usually, they are men who do not have any physical condition capable of promoting impotence, and even so, they find it difficult to get erections and / or maintain them. The main causes of emotional sexual impotence are:

  • Pictures of anxiety ;
  • High levels of stress ;
  • Post-accident trauma;
  • Fears related to sexual failure and the possibility of humiliation;
  • Exaggerated aesthetic standards;
  • Loss of libido;
  • Emotional and loving conflicts;
  • Low self-esteem ;
  • Previous cases of sexual abuse;
  • Among others.

Possible treatments for emotional sexual impotence

The best treatment choice for this type of problem is psychotherapy . In it, the patient will be able to expose his routine, his problems and fears and the professional, in turn, will be able to find the main motivational factor of emotional sexual impotence and treat it more assertively , just with a good conversation and pointing out solutions .

In some cases, it may be necessary for the patient to promote changes in his routine, such as the search for a less stressful profession, or the practice of activities capable of reassuring the patient, such as meditation , for example.

In other cases, it is possible that the professional indicates the use of stimulating medications , associated with psychological treatment. This possibility is more common in situations where sexual impotence is promoted by the fear of failing with the partner.

Know some common signs of emotional sexual impotence

Like most emotionally related problems, impotence also has some simple signs to detect, and these are:

  • Excessive use of pornography;
  • Addiction to chat and dating apps and sites;
  • Constant feeling of insecurity , anger or humiliation in an encounter;
  • Feeling of anxiety related to the sexual act;
  • Ability to be more satisfied with virtual sex than with real sex;
  • Preference for social isolation ;
  • Table of depression .

Men at any stage of life can have emotional problems that lead to the emergence of sexual impotence, and to prove this there is research that shows that 70% of cases of sexual impotence are emotional . This is because, thoughts and feelings are fundamental for a good general functioning of the body. Not only in relation to sexual function, but also other issues.

Therefore, whenever a change in behavior or organic functioning, with no apparent physical cause is detected, it is important that specialized help is sought.


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