Deadly animal attacks on humans. The most dangerous beast on the hunt

This is one of the most popular species of hunting animals related to large ones. Noisy greasy pens are placed on it in the hope that after successful shots, they will not only enjoy fresh liver, but also bring home at least a few kilograms of delicious juvenile meat. If you get permission to draw an adult pig and the means allow you to take notes with impressive fangs, then there is a chance that you will become the owner of a beautiful trophy. Unfortunately, in this case, the meat is not of very high quality, although there is a lot of it.


In addition, hunting a wary powerful beast is always emotional, and often dangerous – adrenaline after it is abundant in the blood.


The boar does not need to be described, each represents its appearance and basic behavioral characteristics, comparing it to domestic “relatives”. However, it is quite different from well-fed and “bleached” domestic pigs. It’s worth mentioning that with his short legs he’s not a “walker” in deep snow, but a wedge-shaped body with an elongated snout helps him make his way through thickening grass, bushes, and snow drifts like rams.


Today it is very widespread, but it should be borne in mind that even in the middle lane, not to mention the northern areas of its habitat, a wild boar cannot survive a snowy winter without human help. Only thanks to the constant feeding of hunting companies, it is possible to maintain the population at an acceptable level of numbers. In particularly severe winters, skinny yearlings almost from the hands of a long-time famous hunter catch food brought to the feeding platform. Thus, hunting wild boar is strictly regulated: each beast has its “master”, who has spent some money on it. But experienced hunting players are well aware that a poorly fed animal, if not killed, will surely go to a more generous neighbor. In summer, the wild boar will always find refuge and food in almost any forest, and even in wetlands, overgrown with reeds and sedges, and reeds.


All these circumstances determine the methods of hunting wild boar. Even if the hunter goes to him alone, then only with the knowledge and control of the sorcerer. But more often than not, pigs stack pencils. An experienced pig runs a herd of wild boars – it’s so easy to drive it into archers. Starting from the beast, the animals go quickly and carefully to the strongest places, stopping under howling blankets, conifers, conifers to sniff and listen. Heads and other open places slide at high speed. So it is rarely possible to shoot a standing boar on a hunted hunt, and it is very difficult to hit a pig.


No wonder there is a special exercise for archers who “run a pig” to learn how to shoot at a moving target. Therefore, although pens can be short-lived, they very often end up in vain.


Even experienced pencil hunters can’t always shoot a boar with one or two bullets with certainty. Moreover, shots are allowed only for annual leaves; only the bullet is suitable for an adult pig. Yes, and the fact that not everyone can pierce the wing or skull of this “well-cut and tightly sewn” animal. Scientists are aware of the astonishing cases of the amazing survival of wild boars, when the most terrible bullet wounds healed from beasts, including on the skull. This confirms the truth known to hunters that the boar must be released from a reliable weapon locally. The instructions to the hunter say:




“It is allowed to shoot wild boar and vines at the place of slaughter (with a bullet) – in the neck and behind the shoulder blades, in the heart. You can shoot the beam of the oncoming pig in the forehead by letting it get closer to reduce the targeting error. But it is better to skip the beast and shoot it in the twilight in the neck or heart. You cannot shoot a beast that is running or standing a considerable distance, as there is very little chance of it falling into a brain that is insignificant relative to the total size of the head, and more likely a jaw wound during such a shot will not stop the beast and lead to its slow death from exhaustion. . ”


Wild boar hunting from an ambush, which is usually equipped on the tower, is becoming more and more widespread. From above it is more favorable to target the desired beast among others, and pigs are more difficult to smell a person. Experienced organizers of the hunting farm know where best to place the tower – hunting from it can be effective for a long time.


There are many stories among hunters about rescuing a tree from a raging wounded ax that very often attacks an attacker. They wrote that V. Vysotsky had to escape this way. German hunters even make a weather inn for a hunting lodge in the shape of a silhouette-like image.



Usually everything ends well, but sometimes tragic cases happen. Here are the words of military doctor V. Kryzhov: “A wild boar broke the femur with its sharp fangs and broke the main vessels of a hunter who failed to escape. The death was caused by acute blood loss and traumatic shock. ”


The trail of a wild boar is similar to a bad one, because both animals print not only the main pair of hooves, but also the fingers located above – the “stepdaughter”. True, the long-legged badger progresses widely, and the pig makes small steps, except that his trail is generally smaller in size.


Some hunters prefer to hunt wild boar, mostly cleaner, from the driveway. The wild boar is a very cautious and sensitive beast, but if you approach it at dusk or when the moon is on the back side without too much noise, you can climb up to a few meters. An experienced hunter said that when he approached the pig feeder for an hour or more, he was offended, wearing only woolen socks, he almost “stepped” on the beast – he even had to move back a little to make a full shot.


Among hunters, many talk and discuss the maximum size of old hooks. You can often hear someone “filling” a pig with 300 or more kilograms. When you clarify the details, you are convinced that the weight was determined by the eye due to the lack of suitable weights. Such pigs are not common, in most cases giants take much smaller specimens.




The wild boar is an omnivore, literally knocking down abandoned fields in the forest, looking for dandelion roots and with the same diligence they can dig up earthworms. When, on one occasion, wolves, disturbed by hunters, left a deer they had not eaten, their remains completely destroyed the winters of the hungry pig during the night. In warm rainy winters, which have not been uncommon lately, wild boars may be reluctant to feed, digging reed rhizomes and other plants in the swamp.


Amazing facts


Many animals serve us as a source of inspiration and admiration.


Their beauty is so impressive that sometimes we forget that they are wild animals, and maybe we will be their next dinner.


  1. Bears




Bears usually avoid humans, but they are still dangerous and can easily kill a person. It is believed that about 10 people die from bears each year.


  1. Sharks




Each year, sharks attack an average of 75 people. Of these, 10 cases are fatal. They are most commonly attacked by great white sharks and sharks.


  1. Leopards




Although there is no complete database of leopard attacks, clashes between leopards and humans are quite common in India. For example, leopards killed 15 people in one year.


  1. Horses




Horses generally have no intention of harming or killing people. However, accidents often happen while riding horses, which kills dozens of people.


  1. Cows




Cows act quite meek, but if provoked, they can be very dangerous. Every year, several dozen people die mostly from blows.


Animals dangerous to humans

  1. Ants




It’s hard to believe, but about 30 people die from ants each year.


  1. Bees




Despite their small size, bees can kill humans, mainly causing an allergic reaction. More than 50 people die from bees every year, and that number will increase due to aggressive aphrodisiac bees.


  1. African lions




Humans are usually not part of the lion’s diet because they prefer animals with lots of meat. However, it is known that lions can prey on humans, and about 70 people die from lions each year.


  1. Jellyfish




Many people know that jellyfish can sting pickups and many people die from it. For example, according to an Australian medical journal, jellyfish result in the death of 15-30 times more people than unprovoked shark attacks around the world.


  1. Tigers




Tigers have killed more people than any other big cat. According to some reports, tens to hundreds of people die from the claws of wild tigers, not including those living in captivity.


  1. Deer




Horns can be deadly to humans. However, most deaths caused by deer are not due to their antlers, but due to road accidents. Deer often cross the road and stop in the middle of the road, causing a car crash. About 120 people die each year from deer.


  1. Domestic dogs




Hundreds of people die each year from dog attacks. If provoked, domestic and stray can be just as dangerous as wild animals. It is worth noting that the most aggressive acts of dogs are the result of improper human behavior.


  1. African buffalo




African buffaloes are heavy animals, whose weight can reach 1.5 tons, height up to 1.7 meters, and length – 2.8 meters. These animals attack people with sharp horns, especially if they sense danger. According to statistics, they cause about 200 deaths a year.


The most dangerous animals in the world

  1. Elephants




Large elephants can be very dangerous if provoked. The largest land animals can weigh up to 7000 kg and reach a height of 4 meters. Approximately 500 people die from elephants each year.


  1. Crocodiles




Crocodiles are huge and very dangerous animals that can merge with the environment and become deadly machines in the water. About 1,000 to 2,500 people die from crocodiles each year.


  1. Hippos




The hippopotamus, which is considered the most dangerous animal in Africa, seems like a fairly calm mammal, but quite cruel in case of provocations. About 2,900 people die from hippop each year.


  1. Scorpios




Some of the oldest animals on earth, scorpions evolved from sea creatures into dangerous terrestrial animals 340 million years ago. There are 1,300 to 2,000 species of scorpions in the world, but only 25 of them contain venom, which is dangerous enough to kill a person. However, between 1,000 and 5,000 people die from scorpions each year.


  1. Snakes




If you are afraid of snakes, your fear is justified. Snakes kill an average of 50,000 people worldwide each year. Most deaths are caused by snakes, which are frightened by the presence and actions of humans.


  1. Tsetse muhe




Tsetse flies spread the sleeping sickness, which affects about 500,000 people, 80 percent of whom die.


  1. Mosquitoes




Mosquitoes are one of the smallest animals on this list, but among the deadliest. These insects carry deadly diseases, such as malaria and dengue, which kill between 660,000 and a million people a year.


  1. People




Although this list ends quite predictably, no one has yet managed to kill people like the people themselves.


Although a person is considered the king of nature, other creatures of God sometimes challenge this opinion not without success. Back in the last century, animal deaths were quite common – at least in Russia. So, from 1870 to 1887, 1246 people were deprived of animals in our country. But even today, in some regions of the world, people have to be afraid of wild animals. For example, in India, between 1987 and 1990, 80 people died after being attacked by Bengal tigers *. In the 1970s, cannibalistic tigers warmed about 40 people a year. And at the turn of the century, the tsifirs were even worse. In 1907, Colonel Jim Corbet shot a tiger in the Champovat area, which bit 436 people alone!


Until recently, it was believed that only animals that became incapable of preying on animals due to disease, age, or mutilation were considered cannibals. But studies by the International Wildlife Fund have shown that tigers do not attack humans because of hunger. They are suppressed by the thirst caused by chemical processes in the body of the predator if it drinks bottled water. Man is “good” in that his soft tissues have a corrective effect, helping to stop thirst. Since the 1980s, India has practiced building large reservoirs of drinking water in forests where tigers attack humans.



Often the person himself encounters danger – this primarily applies to wildlife hunters. Of course, a small weapon gives a man a fantastic advantage over a beast, but sometimes a weapon doesn’t help either. They may refuse or perish in the hand … And besides, some tribes of Africa still hunt lions with the help of … spears. This is done, for example, by the Masai. Martial arts with Leo are considered the highest military bravery of this nation. Hunting is not for any lion, but only for those who kill buffalo, pull sheep or scare people. Ruthless statistics show that in the history of the Masai, the people in martial arts have won with the lion in only one of three cases. The remaining two ended, as a rule, with the death of the hunter.


According to the degree of danger to humans, a leopard should be placed next to the lion. One of the representatives of this cat family in the mid-1960s. took 8 babies to the Abyssinian jungle and that is only a small part of his feat.


It is worth noting that the Bengal tiger attacks a person only from behind. Based on this observation, those who go to the tiger’s reserves are advised to cover the back of the head with a mask depicting a human face. No person who did so was injured. And those 30 who died did not rely on a mask, but on the miraculous power of amulets of prayer and spells.


Bears … If you have an aggressive bear in front of you, it’s possible she has cubs nearby. If there are trees nearby, they will most likely be on one of them. When leaving, it is worth looking around so as not to move in their direction.


If the beast is located near a person, 10-15 m, it is not recommended to look it directly in the eye. Many large predators have a direct view – a threat signal, a call to fight. And you don’t need that – as a rational person, you naturally prefer the worst world to any kind of quarrel. So don’t look at it directly and point blankly, but tilt and not all the time, but with pauses or something.


If the bear, despite your behavior, does not run away, but approaches and even looks straight at you, without turning his head and not taking his eyes off you, as usual, you should not waste time watching his click, especially with pauses. It is necessary, without hesitation, to urgently look at a suitable tree and without delay to climb higher. If you have a basket, a bag, a hat on your head or a backpack on your back – throw the beast: while he satisfies his curiosity, studying an unknown object or its contents, you will have time to climb a tree. It is unlikely that they will come there to pick you up – adult bears usually do not have it. It is unlikely that an encounter with a bear could end up climbing trees, but this cannot be completely ruled out.


In a dozen close encounters with bears, I never saw them looking at me directly – there were only short, quick, snapping glances. I haven’t seen a direct look at the bear yet, and somehow I don’t regret it. Maybe because the meetings usually took place on alpine (treeless) terrain, and my gun often stayed in the tent, a few miles away.


If the beast were to move towards man, it would be best to fall face down, be silent and not move, until the beast goes as far as possible. Most likely it will not touch the person. This method of self-defense is widespread in the world of wild animals – by pretending to be dead, many animals often save lives. Many times people have similarly avoided a bear attack.


When a bear attacks reality, whether it’s a hungry stick, a hungry animal, or a guard protecting its prey, then everything happens quickly. Even from a distance, noticing a man, the predator runs straight towards him, more often in silence, sometimes with thunder, kicking his feet, tearing his claws and biting his teeth. It is difficult for an experienced hunter to repel such a quick attack – there may not be enough time to prepare for volleyball. If the beast stops during the attack, gets up on its hind legs, “breathes”, screams, then it is most likely a demonstration of the attack. With the wrong behavior of a man, it can end in a real attack.


Several thousand bears currently live in the Altai Mountains. In our country, there is no place where a hunter could boast of 3-4 hundred killed bears. In the Altai such hunters live or have lived in recent times.


Many bears die in a loop. Loops on animal tracks are one of the most malicious types of poaching. They include moose, deer, sometimes cows and horses. Unfertilized meat usually manages to spoil and in frosty weather before the arrival of the hunter, everything is saturated with a strong smell of manure.


The brown bear is the pinnacle of the animal world, which makes the mountains and forests of the Altai especially attractive, and leaves tourists and hunters an indelible, unforgettable experience of exciting encounters with it …


On August 18, 2007, a shark attacked an American student on the coast of Florida during a night swim.


20-year-old Andrea Lynch and several other young men and women were swimming next to the boat, when suddenly a two-meter shark swam below me. The monster gritted its teeth into the girl’s body, miraculously not piercing her ribs. For a while, the shark shook its body in its mouth until it was released. Fortunately, no vital organs were injured.





Doctors said Andrea could have died from blood loss from 17 wounds – tooth marks, if her friends hadn’t stopped the shirt bleeding.





In total, about 100 stitches were applied to the student …





“It was like a horror movie,” Lynch says. “I felt warm blood flowing down my body and gathering in puddles at the bottom of the boat. It was all in the blood. Either the shark didn’t like the taste of human flesh, or it counted me” bone. Anyway, I was her dinner. Thank God she didn’t bite me again. ”




It’s no secret that Arctic polar explorers constantly have to deal with polar bears and wolves. But if the animal is healthy and strong, it is not suitable for human habitation, and if it is weak it may be interested in stored food. Something similar happened in late June 2006 near a small coastal station. A polar bear was attacked by a hungry bear while sleeping peacefully in a tent …





The animal was torn by a strong tarpaulin with a strong paw, which resulted in the polar explorer simply not being ready to meet – a hungry predator, attacking from behind, as if he did not leave a living place on the victim’s body …




An angry animal tore a piece of meat from his legs … The doctors were simply at a loss when they saw this picture …





The polar bear scalp was removed with one swipe of a powerful paw …


Surprisingly, in this fierce battle, a polar explorer managed to get a gun and seriously injure a bear …





Fortunately, the wounded animal rushed out of the tent – if the bear had stepped in agony on its offender, none would have survived …





Why the polar bear, an outwardly calm and good-natured Arctic inhabitant, first attacked humans, even zoologists could not explain. Usually polar bears, already accustomed to living next to humans, try to bypass human habitation … And if they attack, then they just defend themselves. Alas, nature sometimes dictates its own laws …





At the Novosibirsk Zoo, a bear bit off a woman’s hand. A visitor to the zoo, a resident of the Samara region, most likely tried to feed the animal … And this is the victim of a wild brown bear …





Bears are among the most honorable and smartest animals, however, the bear is more dangerous than tigers or lions. Explosions of seemingly reckless rage are characteristic of him. It is very difficult to predict an outbreak of rage in a brown predator because it has no developed craniofacial muscles and before the attack the bear does not express aggressive intentions.





It is almost impossible to understand the “mood” of the beast by its appearance…





In July 2006, the world-famous tamer was fired from the Sklifosovsky Institute – two weeks earlier, a striped predator tore off Artur Bagdasarov …




Two tigers fought in the arena during tonight’s performance, and the coach was forced to intervene in the fight. As a result, the tiger attacked Bagdasarov, started biting his hands and grabbed his head. To convince the predator, the circus rangers had to shoot several times into the air from special guns they have for such cases. After an unequal fight with the pets, the coach suffered the most from his head.





In April 2007, at the Shou Shan Zoo in Taiwan, a sick crocodile bit off the hand of his vet when a doctor approached a reptile to give him an injection of a painkiller …





The vet was immediately taken to the hospital, while the employees tried to take the bloody trophy out of the predator’s mouth …





The crocodile didn’t want to give his bite by hand …




At that time, the police had no choice but to shoot the reptile …





The hand was delivered on time, the operation was performed on the victim, and it seems that the severed limb was successfully rooted …




But for some, the encounter with the crocodile ended sadder … In May 2006, an alligator was caught in South Florida, responsible for the death of a 28-year-old student. A three-meter-tall reptile was caught not far from the crime scene – a few days after the body of the torn girl was found in a water canal. According to experts, the girl’s death was instantaneous – due to shock and blood loss. At the autopsy, human remains were found in the stomach of the reptile …





And in Uganda in 2005, they caught a giant crocodile from a cannibal that ate more than 80 people in 20 years … Residents of the village of Lugang, which suffered the most from the monster, wanted to kill an immobilized reptile, but animal defenders boarded the crocodile and took him to an unknown destination …





In April this year, in the south of India, an angry elephant killed and maimed 25 people … During the religious festival in the city of Chetniks, a tragedy happened …




They say that an elephant named Vinayan, who participated in the show, lost his rhythm after the audience started throwing stones at him … They say that the elephant could see his opponent, with whom he had an unimportant relationship …





In any case, the person was suffering – an elephant threw him and killed his slut … Then he started running around the place for people and managed to injure 24 people, until he calmed down …


Participating in the hunt for a dangerous and large beast is a purely male interesting occupation. If you shoot game or rabbit, you will be happy and lucky, but in this case there is no fighting and opposition to a strong beast, in which you yourself become the object of animal hunting. With such a confrontation of adrenaline, it is more than enough, because danger can lurk at every step.


Adrenaline for strong men


The most dangerous animal in hunting in the territory of the Russian Federation is the brown bear. Dozens of hunters suffered from the claws of a strong, intelligent, cunning and extremely evil beast. For beginners, the most dangerous beast is the bear, which is not recommended for lone hunters, lovers of a lot of adrenaline, this ban also applies. It is bad when a dangerous beast is underestimated, it usually ends in the death of the hunter. It may be objected that in ancient Russia a bear walked alone with a horn cut from a tree, and this was considered a brave deed, although, in fact, there is more unwarranted courage. Our contemporaries consider this type of hunting a romantic way of suicide. Keep in mind that the rules for such a hunt are mandatory to organize a similar hunt with three or more people, and the presence of hunters on such a hunt is strictly necessary. Those who have ignored these rules written in human blood, they mostly pay with their lives. For those who don’t know all about bear habits, it’s helpful to know that hibernation is a pretty deep sleep of a powerful beast, but it can catch a rustle in this state. The sound of a cracked branch can cause it to wake up. Then, for hunters who were not ready for this and the hardest time begins, fight for your own and the chances of winning this fight you will have the same beast.


No less dangerous is the pig, which has strong strength. The body of a wild animal, weighing several hundred kilograms, with sharp fangs, whose length reaches fifteen centimeters, is one of the causes of death of hunters and their four-legged friends, dogs. There are several cases from practical hunting, when an already wounded wild boar attacked its hunter with its fangs and front legs, that is, he simply stepped on his victim, taking her away in surprise. Knowing such an animal habit, hunters prepare special platforms in advance at the places of the planned hunting. Since the pig’s neck is massive and almost motionless, the hunter will not be able to step on it in this case. You need to know the sensitivity and caution of pigs is evident in everything. He can notice the targets of his pursuers over one hundred and fifty feet away, noticing even smaller movements. In case of danger, lightning changes the direction of its running. During feeding, it moves forward against the wind to sense danger in time.

Bindings strong muscles in the chest and neck, as well as on the thick sides, make the beast invulnerable to small-caliber bullets. The wounded beast forgets the caution and rage attacks its perpetrator, in the form of hunters and dogs. At the moment of throwing the pig, you should immediately bounce to the side, then the pig will fly by, and it is not the destiny of these animals to perform another attack.


In its aggressiveness and mobility, the sokhi is nothing inferior to the wild boar. Accidents with severe consequences are most often found on the hunt for money. The most common mistake occurs during detours when the beast is being chased and after the animal is lost, careless and undisciplined hunters, in search of prey, open fire on all moving bushes. In excitement not noticing that the shooting is no longer in their sector. As a result, at least one other hunter was injured.


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