Dark Souls Portal in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

We tell you about one of the interesting and useful gaming activities

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While players in the role of the unlucky ruler of Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom are trying to save Princess Olivia from the clutches of the Dark Lord, evil forces have found another way to annoy them. A portal has opened in the kingdom – this is a gateway to the otherworldly dimension, from which hordes of evil forces are trying to penetrate into the world of people. It would seem that there is nothing good in this, but in fact, the portal is a great way to get a good reward.

How to use the portal

The portal of dark souls is easy to find – just open the general map of the kingdom (the “map” icon in the lower left corner of the screen) and tap on the purple funnel on the right. The portal will not always be available. It is open only when there are dark souls in it, and as soon as they run out, the portal will become temporarily unavailable. It is impossible to speed up its opening even for gems, so you will have to wait a few days. If there is at least one dark soul inside, tap on the purple funnel to open the activity menu.

On the left side of the screen there are levels available for passing. If you are using the portal for the first time, then only the very first level will be open. When you defeat all first-tier opponents, the next few locations will be unlocked. For further advancement upward, it is not necessary to pass them all, it is enough to defeat the enemies at the very top. But keep in mind that you may not be able to do this the first time. The higher the level is in the table, the stronger the enemy squad you will have to fight with.

The reward will always be a certain number of dark souls. For each subsequent location, you will receive a little more of this currency . Some intermediate levels, in addition to souls, will bring you adept chests . For being active in the portal, you will earn in-game achievements , and thanks to them, your treasury will be replenished with gems. The game provides three types of such achievements – one for completing levels and two for getting into the portal’s rating.

When you run into an invincible (yet) enemy, do not waste time and resources on fruitless attempts to defeat him. Continue to slowly develop your castle, pump your fighters and supply them with new equipment . While you are gaining strength, determine for yourself a safe level of the portal that you can pass without spells, and farm dark souls on it. If you are the proud owner of a premium account, farming will be even easier – you can increase the speed of battles and spend less time on them.

How are the battles in the portal

Portal battles are organized according to the usual scheme, but have several differences. First, you have to overcome not one, but several waves of opponents. The number of waves is equal to the number of translucent dots at the top of the battle screen.

At the initial levels, you will need to defeat only a couple of groups of opponents, but in the future their number will grow. Focus on this amount and correctly distribute combat and defensive spells in order to hold out until the end of the battle. On the last screen, bosses will be waiting for you – their images decorate the previews of the levels. As usual, you can learn about the power of the enemy squad and the special abilities of opponents from the starting menu of the battle. If you can’t go through a location for a long time despite leveling up, study each enemy and, perhaps, you will understand what you are doing wrong. Some monsters, for example, ignore magic damage – there is a reason to increase the number of warriors and archers in your squad, while minimizing the number of magicians. In order to win, you need to defeat all enemies at the location, without exception.

Why are dark souls needed

The received dark souls are not only a reflection of your valor, but also an additional type of game currency. You can spend them in a special portal store, which is run by a goblin seller with poor eyesight.

The assortment of the store is quite extensive. For souls, here you can buy rare, epic and legendary equipment (you will not know the specific characteristics in advance, only the type of item), shards for creating items in workshops, diamonds, chests and even a subject with random characteristics. Gems are also in use here. Thanks to them, you can make it easier for yourself to go through portal locations – buy soul catchers (artifacts that increase the number of captured souls by two or three times) and demonic spells (unique to the portal “resurrection”, “furious lion” and “portal ally”).

It is important to keep track of the souls remaining in the portal – their number is displayed above the list of levels. As soon as their number begins to approach zero, hurry up to spend all the accumulated souls to one. If they run out, the portal will slowly close, but the store will be available for a while. Once the portal is completely closed, all unspent souls will burn out and your efforts will be in vain.

Why the rating is useful

As in most gaming activities, the portal contains a rating of the best players. He is needed not only to amuse a sense of self-importance. If your level is high enough, and the squad is strong enough, you have every chance to break out to the top. As we mentioned, achievements are rewarded for this. But if you hit the first hundred players (which is not so easy), additional bonuses await you.

Players ranked from 51st to 100th are entitled to an Adept’s Chest and 250 Gems. Places from 11th to 50th are awarded the same chest and 500 gems. The lucky ones who took places from 4th to 11th are entitled to a master’s chest and 1000 gems, and the first three will receive a unique chest and 1500 gems. This is a great help and a good free boost to the game.


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