Cyber ​​Monday;What is it and when is it celebrated?

Cyber ​​Monday , also known as Black Monday, is an e-commerce term that refers to the Monday following the US Thanksgiving weekend. As the physical stores do with Black Friday , online retailers generally offer specials, discounts and sales on this day. Meanwhile, traditional retailers offer exclusive website-only deals.

Cyber ​​Monday is considered the unofficial start of the online Christmas shopping season

Cyber ​​Monday History

  1. Cyber ​​Mondayis an e-commerce term that refers to the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend, in 2019, it is Monday, December 2 .
  2. It is the second-largest shopping day and the busiest day for online sales.
  3. The term Cyber ​​Mondaywas coined in 2005 by, the online arm of the National Retail Federation.
  4. Although Cyber ​​Mondayoriginated in the United States, it now occurs in other countries and Guatemala as well. 

When is Cyber ​​Monday celebrated?

Cyber ​​Monday always falls four days after the American Thanksgiving holiday. It was created to encourage consumers to buy online. While Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is still the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber ​​Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year and the second-largest shopping day. in general in the United States.

Like Black Friday, both online and traditional retailers spend a lot of time and effort on sales to beat the competition, and we use aggressive marketing strategies to get consumers to shop on our websites.

What are the benefits of shopping on Cyber ​​Monday?

  1. Many people don’t want to spend time away from familyon vacation just to get a bargain.
  2. Others don’t want to wait in the long linesthat form on Black Friday.
  3. Cyber ​​Mondayoffers consumers a convenient and hassle-free way to shop and take advantage of some great deals.
  4. Many retailers offer free shippingas an incentive to shop on Cyber ​​Monday , making online shopping even more attractive.

Although Cyber ​​Monday had its origins in the United States, it is now an international concept. Many e-commerce companies around the world use the term to promote their promotions and to increase their sales at this time of year.

How did Cyber ​​Monday come about?

The term Cyber ​​Monday was coined in 2005 by, the online arm of the United States National Retail Federation (NRF). The trade association noted that purchases on the web often increased on the Monday after Thanksgiving in previous years. There were a few different theories why this was so:

  1. One theory suggested that people viewed products in stores and malls over the weekend, but waited until Monday to buy them at work, where they had computers with faster Internet connections. Remember, in the early 21st century, there were no smartphones or tablets, and residential high-speed broadband options were in their infancy.
  2. Another theory attributed the phenomenon to the unpleasant experiences caused by the Thanksgiving weekend. If you were looking to get some phenomenal post-Turkey Day bargains, you could skip the family feast, camp out in the parking lot of your favorite store, and fight your way through a crowd of rabid bargain hunters at sunrise on Black Friday. Or you could get out of bed on Monday morning, pour yourself a cup of coffee and surf the web for low prices .

Cyber ​​Monday Milestones

With its official nomenclature, Cyber ​​Monday became a designated one for deals and discounts, reinforcing its popularity. Specifically, there was a big impact in the first year in the United States. In 2005, sales increased 26% to $ 486 million. By 2011, that number reached the $ 1.25 billion mark. In 2012, a survey found that 42% of consumers planned to review offers on Black Friday, but deferred their purchases to Cyber ​​Monday.

In 2014, the Cyber ​​Monday online deals, which at this time were often also available on Black Friday, were so attractive that many shopping websites were overwhelmed with visitors. While some sites slowed down to the rhythm of a snail, others blocked completely. Still, e-commerce sales hit record levels, around $ 2.4 billion.

Online retailers and traditional retailers use aggressive marketing strategies for consumers to shop on our websites.

Sales each year exceed the last. Cyber ​​Monday total sales in 2017 were $ 6.59 billion, 91% more than the previous year, according to a report released by Adobe Analytics. The group also reported a surge in Cyber ​​Monday sales in 2018, with a record $ 7.8 billion spent by online shoppers that year.

In 2019 this will not change, and online sales on Cyber ​​Monday will continue to increase.

El Duende participated last year in 2018 with its spectacular CYBER NOVA that was full of promotions and discounts for our online community and we are again prepared this year for incredible online promotions that will make you want to make your purchases on our page this December 2.

What can I expect from El Duende at CyberMonday?

Our promotions policy is an ethical policy. We do not want you to take advantage of a promotion, and then you can a few days later regret having bought it because a better one came out. So if you find a good offer in our Duende IN BLACK, take advantage of it, because it will not be better later.

The offers will be different for the most part, and in any case, the same price but with FREE SHIPPING, if there is still inventory from the previous promotion.

For our clients who due to their geographical location cannot reach Black Friday, we recommend not waiting until Cyber ​​Monday to buy the offers, as they may not be available. Since Black Friday deals will be available online, take advantage there. Shipping above Q600.00 is still free every day of the year.

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