Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend

Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend.The love of my life, to let her know that I love her, I like her, I remember her and I always keep her in mind.In case I forgot to say it, in case you haven’t heard it in a long time, in case you don’t know or have doubts, in case you need to hear it or just because: I LOVE YOU …For all lovers, those who love madly, for those who have a recent passionate relationship and for those who appreciate their partner and do not feel so much passion, but if they really love, for all of them we share a selection of cute love phrases and images with flowers as a symbol of a sincere, noble and selfless love.

150 Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend

I love you with all the might in the world, although you know it well, I never tire of repeating it to you.
I just want to dedicate a few words to you today: I love you with all my life!
You are who I always wanted, you are who I always want, you are who I will always want, you are the person of my dreams.
I don’t want a “forever” with you for a few months, I want a “little by little”, but it never ends.
I love you from the beginning of your life, to the end of your story.
You are what you live and die for, my great love.
You are what I always dreamed of, what I always hoped for and what I finally found. You are my great love, my dream of all my life, my dream come true.
Thank you for loving me, for dedicating your time, for making me a little side inside your heart. Thank you for making me feel so happy and so special when I am with you.
You are that moment that lasts an eternity in my soul.
It’s no secret that I’m dying to be with you … all the damn time.
Your caresses fell asleep on my skin and your kisses fell asleep here in my mouth.
Sometimes I miss you, sometimes … too.
For me a little piece of your lips is a little piece of heaven.
I could travel the whole world, walking, running, flying or dreaming, but with the only destination, your arms.
The best coffee for my insomnia is in your eyes!
I have so many things to say to your face and many others to your ear.
My happiness and my reason for living, that’s you.
Ask the Moon, she has seen me whole nights thinking of you, until you came as the Sun into my life.
What I want with you, I don’t want with anyone else …
Sorry for being faithful, giving my all, loving you like no one else, talking about you with everyone and thinking about you so much.
You meet thousands of people and they have no effect on you and you meet only one person and it changes your life …
How could I forget you if I touched the sky with you!
There are those who appear out of nowhere and become everything. Like you, for example.
I don’t need to tell you that I love you because I know you are sorry, but one of my greatest pleasures is to let you know and make you feel it.
Our first kiss was not with the mouth, it was when we looked at each other and smiled …
Your mouth has no wings, but every time you kiss me it is like flying …

With you to any place, to the darkest and most terrible or to the sky, but always with you.
I am proud to have your love. You don’t know how happy it makes me to have your heart.
Today we celebrate another year. For days like today, I remember you forever …
I don’t know where destiny will take me tomorrow, all I know is that I only want it to be with you.
If you choose one person, you renounce the rest of the world, I for example … I chose you!
Whatever happens, I always love you.
I love you, regardless of the fights. I love you, regardless of the others. I love you, no matter what you think or whether you love me or not. That’s how I love you.

100 Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend

You are the other part of me and I feel that they are you I could not live. Never miss me!
LOVE does not know distances, because words also embrace, verses also caress and sighs also kiss …
You came into my life and from that day on I no longer wait for anyone else.
I promised you one day that I would always be through thick and thin and even though I never remember it, the promise is still saved.
The best things come when we least expect them, just like you came into my life.
You are what I never want to lose.
I can never stop loving you, even if a thousand years pass, my heart will stop thinking about you.
I wish I could tell you one day, after several years: “Look how the years have passed and I still love you the same as yesterday.”
I like you in all your versions, the happy, the sad, the angry and the happy.
The most beautiful stars are those that I see when I close my eyes, when you are with me.
I don’t want other kisses, I don’t want other hugs, I don’t want other people, I want only you in my life and no one else.
In a couple there are always crises, fights, jealousy, etc. but if love is great and strong, all that is overcome … whatever happens.
What makes a relationship successful is not thinking alike, but thinking together.
I love you because I love you, and no one is going to change that.
I like you even those things that I can’t stand in others …
For me it is impossible not to think of you when I wake up, if thinking of you I fell asleep …

Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend

Lips like yours … they lack kisses like mine …
For you I would do anything, even the impossible and even a little more.
You are my plans, my dreams, my fantasy come true, my everything, my “I don’t want anything else”, my wishes for tomorrow.
I write to you because you are what I think, I think about you because you are what I miss and I miss you because you are what I want.
I already lost count of all the kisses I want to give you when I have you.
If your look tells me come, I will immediately tell you where and when.
My dream? To be by your side and let the days and months go by and that nothing separates us.
I want to be with you, not now, not for a while, not even several hours. I want to be with you, that simple. So ALWAYS …

I love you as you want what is forbidden, how you want what is foreign, as no one wants today …
You are the only person with whom I want to do millions of things, that I do not want to do with anyone else …
You I dedicate my silence, because that is when I am thinking about you the most …
I would kiss you the same amount of times that I have breathed …
I have my smile ready for when I see you.
I love you, without reasons and without reasons. No conditions and no expiration date. Without comings and without returns. Oh, and no clothes too!
I understood what it is to fall in love … is to have only one thing in mind … to you
I became a collector after I met you. My biggest collection is … your smiles
I love you for one night and then another. But maybe on second thought, I love you for all the nights for the rest of my life!


Confessions of the heart/Cute Phrases To Say To Your Girlfriend

My heaven is your body, my dream your smile, my drug your kisses, my obsession your caresses, my path your happiness and my goal .. your love.
You are the melody that whispers in my silences, the smile after my sighs and the reality of all my dreams.
If you could read my mind, you would understand everything. If you could read my wishes … you would be with me now.
Whatever happens, I love you always, without questions, without conditions.
There are times that I look for you and others that I get tired. There are times that I wait for you and others that I can’t stand it. It’s that sometimes I hate you … It’s that I always LOVE YOU.

My day becomes good if I think about you, fantastic if I look at you and if you come closer, you let me hear your voice and breathe your air, not only my day, but my entire life becomes a miracle.
Walking by your hand, is a dream … my dream.
You don’t have to look for me … you are always on my mind and in my heart.
Let me give you one of those kisses that are not forgotten, neither on other lips, nor on other nights, nor in other lives …
I had a talk with my fears, I told them about you and they have decided to move elsewhere.
We all have a person for whom we would do anything, even make mistakes again. For me that person is you.
That you are my partner, but also my greatest friendship, is the secret of happiness.
With you I learned that being happy is fighting because you are.
To go hand in hand around the world and converse only with squeezes, is to go screaming in silence, how happy we are.
I love you just because, because I can’t stop loving you, because if I do, I won’t be able to breathe.


Phrases with my secret of love for my relationship

And if I were to be born again, I would run all over the world looking for you. Without you I am nothing.
In the rain, in the face of difficulties, despite the problems, I always… love you. That’s what a relationship is for.
You and I so different, but always together against the world and so united in love and in life.
I keep a very big secret that I have never confessed to you, that I love you much more than I give you to understand, much more than you have thought.
You arrive and my smile tells you the beautiful love phrases that my lips do not tell you. Just look at my eyes, look at them.
If I could, I would be in your arms for life, I don’t know a better place than that to rest and be happy.
Night comes, I fall into your arms and the magic begins, that magic that I love, that I hope never ends.
If you want I dedicate this phrase to you, although better … I dedicate my life to you. I love you.
Only you and me, loving us, together and the world there in the distance. This is how life should be.
My heart is only for you, only you have the key, no one else.
There is no more beautiful love phrase than when you say in my ear very quietly: “I only love you”.


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