What is the Cryptolocker;How Is It Installed On The Computer?

When we talk about malware, we refer to those viruses, Trojan programs or malicious software that enter your computer to carry out harmful actions on a computer system intentionally and without the user’s knowledge.

There are many types of malware and it is important that you learn to identify them so that you know how to attack and remove them effectively. Learn about the differences between viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms

The first one we will talk about is the virus . These stick to clean files and infect other clean files. These types of files spread very quickly, damaging essential functions of a system, as well as deleting and rendering files unusable. These commonly have the appearance of an executable file.

The Trojans are other dangerous malware. They pose as legitimate software or hide behind one that has been tampered with. It usually acts discreetly and attempts to open security back doors to allow access to other malware.

Another common malware is spyware, as its name implies, its function is to spy on or steal information from your computer. This can include passwords, credit card numbers, among other personal information.

The ransomware is a type of malware that locks the computer and the files and threatens to delete them if the ransom is not paid by an online payment. This type of malware is particularly dangerous because you will be dealing with hackers and extortion. However, you can learn to avoid being a victim of Ransomware .

Finally, we will talk about adware , a fairly common malware that we face on a daily basis. Although it is not particularly dangerous, since it only displays advertising on your computer, it can undermine security and allow the passage of other more aggressive ones. It is adware malware and it is found in all the ads we see while browsing.

Taking into account then some of the most common malware that exists, let’s talk about Cryptolocker , the most dangerous malware of the moment. What is it? and How do I protect myself against malware ? Here you will learn how to do it.

What is the Cryptolocker and how is it installed on the computer?

The cryptolocker is a type of ransomware that as explained in the previous block, block your files and do not allow access to them unless you pay certain amount of money in a limited period of time as if a ransom is involved.

An urgent alert has been issued due to the rapid spread that this malware has had and the strong impact it has generated. Knowing how serious it can be, how does it get installed on the computer?

Well, this malware uses social engineering techniques to make it run by the user himself. It commonly comes in junk mail pretending to come from a logistics company .

This email has a ZIP file and a password attached When the user executes the file and enters the password, a supposed PDF file will appear. When opened, the malware enters the computer. And since the Windows policy hides the extensions by default, it uses it to run on the computer.

The moment you run the file, it is installed as a resident on your computer and makes a copy of itself in a path in the user’s profile.

In addition, it creates an entry in the autoruns to ensure execution on restart. And finally, it executes two processes from the same file. One is the original and the other is to protect the original process against closures.

As we have seen, it is a fierce and dangerous virus . Still, it is possible to protect yourself from it and avoid losing your personal information. How to do it?

How to protect your equipment from Cryptolocker?


The best way to combat this malware is by taking precautions. For example, don’t run or open files from unknown sources in your email. If you don’t know the recipient and the email also has attachments, don’t open them.

Another way is by disabling the Windows policy to hide known extensions, which will make it easier for you to recognize an attack of this type.

And finally, have a backup system for our critical files, so we can mitigate the damage caused by malware in case of infection and cover ourselves against hardware problems. And in case of detecting a malware you must learn to remove a virus from my PC manually without an Antivirus program .


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