Creating bee-friendly gardens to conserve bees

Bees are an important pollinating insect, the only source of natural honey. Like the bees, this tiny insect plays a vital role in agriculture and food production around the world. The decline in bee populations is very frustrating for the whole world. It is impossible to imagine the development of food and plants without bees!

How bees help the environment

We all know that our bees benefit us. Let’s talk about some statistics …

Bees are important because they pollinate flowers and crops. It has an important role in producing many of the fruits and vegetables we eat every day.

Do you know, exactly how many plants of our nut crop are pollinated by bees?

According to a study, one-third of our food production depends on pollination! Bees play a very important role in this ecosystem.

Also, the honey they produce – an important herb.

How are bees affected?

Two important factors in reducing the population of bees are the use of pesticides in the garden or cultivated land and the reduction of habitat.

Bees rely heavily on flowers for food, and flowering plants are one of the main sources of their diet.

Due to urbanization, most of the bee’s natural habitat is declining.

Also with increasing population, the challenge of producing more food on small land has been created. Increasing agricultural land is also reducing the natural habitat for bees… and the use of toxic pesticides is becoming increasingly common in modern agriculture.

How can we help bees survive?

There are several important tasks, each of which can play a role in saving the bees.

Avoid pesticides

Pesticides are the main cause for bees to suffer, so it’s best not to use any pesticides in your garden. Even organic pesticides can kill bees, so never apply regular pesticides of any kind.

If you must use something to deal with pest problems, make sure you are fighting against an insect. Then use an organic pesticide that has no harmful effects, and spray it only on insects. In many cases, the best solution for getting rid of insects is by eliminating pests by hand. No need for pesticide use.

Produce your own food yourself

The more you cultivate vegetables and fruits in your own garden according to the needs of the food family, the less you rely on farming and commercial food production. Plus, growing your own diet is so healthy and risky for you and your family!

Cultivate bee-friendly plants in the garden

When you are buying plants from the nursery, look for flowering plants that attract bees. Then include them in your rooftop garden or porch or use them to create a border around your garden so that the bees will roam.

How To Build A Bee Friendly Garden

When creating a bee-friendly garden, first you need to think about which tree to plant. Flower trees are a must here, but bees are not attracted to all kinds of flowers.

Therefore, it is important to plant the right kind of flowers. Which will attract bees like magnet to them.

Bee-friendly garden

One surefire way to attract bees to your garden is to list local flower plants

The local nursery makes this very easy and they will find any kind of native fodder for them.

If you are into a vegetable garden and are not interested in creating a flower garden. Still, some bees can plant friendly flowers.

Flowers attract pollinators like honey bees and other beneficial insects in your garden. The better you attract pests to your vegetable garden, the more food will be guaranteed to produce food.

List of bee-friendly flowers

  • Pile
  • Belly
  • Dalia
  • New ones
  • Genia
  • Mint
  • Sunflower
  • Mum
  • Litchu
  • Guinea
  • Pomegranate
  • Lemon
  • Almond

We are destroying the habitat of bees. Now they need our help and we love nature and can have a huge impact on saving them! By adding bee-friendly plants to your garden, you can provide safe habitat for bees.

Tell your friends and neighbors why bees need to be saved and how we can each make small changes that will ultimately make a big difference.


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