Create your own custom Flappy Bird easily

Flappy Bird has marked a before and after in the world of video games. Do you think it is easy to create an application like this? You can now create your own custom version of Flappy Bird, in a matter of ten minutes.

It has had a very short time to live, but it has managed to reach the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users. Flappy Birds will continue to be a reference in the mobile world for a long time. The key to Flappy Bird has been to combine high difficulty with even greater simplicity. Now, how difficult is it to create an app like Flappy Bird?

Well, it is possible that on a technical level there are many more complications than an inexperienced user would ever believe. And no, you will not have to program the entire application to have your own customized version. It is something much simpler. At the end of the day, we are going to dedicate ourselves to having the same operation in the game, which is the complex thing, and only changing the appearance of it. It is not as simple as exchanging one image file for another, but case. It is a process that could take us little more than 10 minutes.

PulseDroid, one of the featured developers at XDA Developers, has created a complete guide to having a custom version of Flappy Bird in 10 minutes using APKTool as a tool. And as we say, the knowledge that you have to have in order to carry out this process is very basic. More than a matter of knowledge and training, everything is based on common sense and the ability to follow a series of steps without mentally blocking us.

We take the original Flappy Bird as a base, and we can even use the PSD files that the developer has created so that we can in a very simple way create the character that we are going to use.

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