Create New Email Account;Complete guide

Have you decided to create an email but you don’t know how to do it? Read the guide to creating emails quickly.

E-mail is one of the most important elements that the internet makes available to us. Thanks to it you can send or receive messages and share attachments. Conceptually sending an email is like sending a letter but, unlike the letter, the email arrives at its destination after a few seconds.
An e-mail sent passes through the server of the manager of our e-mail service, after which it reaches the recipient’s server, which sends a notification of receipt to the user. Each e-mail address contains the username, @ and the e-mail service used.

There are currently a number of email services that allow you to create personal accounts. The most famous are undoubtedly Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Libero and Alice. The choice of preferring one or the other service depends on your needs and on how pleasant and easy to use the interface you find.
If you are in this article it is probably because you need to communicate with your friends, with a university professor or because you need to send a resume to a company.
Whatever the reason you need to create an email you are in the right place. In this short guide we will explain how to create an email address from your computer or mobile phone in a few minutes .

Types of email accounts

Before explaining how to create an e-mail address, a premise is a must: when you are about to choose an e-mail provider you must be very careful as there are two types of providers: e-mail client and webmail.

The client emailare applications installed on your computer that manage sent and received e-mails. An example is: Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Webmails, on the other hand, are a type of email that are saved on the cloud rather than on our computer. An example of a webmail provider you’ve probably heard of is Gmail or Yahoo! When you decide to access your e-mail from your mobile phone, the provider in this case uses a mail protocol. These protocols fetch the emails for you. Generally, the most used protocols are POP and IMAP. The main difference between POP3 and IMAP is that the former only allows one-way synchronization, while IMAP can perform two-way synchronization. A two-way synchronization means that when you delete an email in the client application it will also be deleted on the email server. With POP, however, the e-mail remains on the server and can therefore be viewed on the other devices.

Create a free email from PC

Creating a free email address is very simple. The first thing to do is to choose the service provider we want to use for our e-mail. For example, Gmail, Outlook, Free, etc.
To create an e-mail address from a computer, simply type the name of the chosen mail provider on the browser and then click on create an account. Usually, to create an e-mail address from a computer you must enter the following data:

  • Name and surname : obviously you have to enter your real name and surname;
  • Choose the username : the username corresponds to your final address so before registering think of a name to associate. Generally, names with few characters cannot be used or if you are trying to add a username that is already in use;
  • Password : must have a predetermined format, a minimum number of characters or symbols;
  • Gender ;
  • Date of birth ;

You may then be prompted to enter a mobile number or an alternative email address. These two data will be used if we lose the password. If you do not remember your login credentials, you will be sent a text message or a recovery email to the address provided to log in. Finally, most providers require you to enter your country of origin and accept the terms and conditions.

To verify your identity many free e-mail services require you to tick the I am not a robot option. This is useful for verifying your identity and making sure it is not a computer but a person.

Create a free email from smartphones and tablets

To create an e-mail account from a smartphone, it is important to go to the Google Play Store (if you have Android) or the Apple Store (if you use an iPhone or iPad) and type in the name of the e-mail provider with which you want to create the your account. If you decide to create a gmail account from an Android mobile phone, it is not necessary to go to the Google Play Store because the application to create the email is already installed in the system.
To create an email from a mobile or tablet, here is the required information:

  • Name and surname;
  • E-mail address: which corresponds to the final e-mail address;
  • Password;
  • Mobile number: when you decide to register by downloading the application from your smartphone it is mandatory to enter your mobile number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Genre: This entry in some providers, such as Yahoo, is optional.

After filling out this form you need to follow the account setup steps to create your email.

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