How to create a German PSN account and download Knack 2 for free

Sony’s Play At Home initiative allowed everyone to get free, forever, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey on PlayStation 4. For some reason, German and Chinese users received instead of Nathan Drake’s three adventures the excellent Knack 2 , complete with official soundtrack. In this guide we explain in a few steps how to create a German PlayStation Network account and download the game for free.

What do I need to create a PSN account?

It is important to have an email that is not associated with any PlayStation Network account. We advise you to immediately create a new one to be used exclusively for the occasion. Here you can get one very quickly with Gmail .

Once you have created the address, keep your login details in mind as you will need it later.

We make a new German PC account in a few steps

Go to the following address and click on Start, then enter the newly created e-mail address and a password to be used to access the new PSN account. Click on Next. Enter the appropriate region as in the photo and the date of birth, then go ahead by pressing the blue button.

At this point, the form will ask you to enter a valid address. just enter the data as in the image below, indicating the postal code “11015”.

Press the blue button to go ahead and then enter a valid PSN ID, a name and a nickname you prefer.

Verify the account

Check the inbox of the email address you used for registration, you should have received a confirmation email. Open it and click on the blue button in the center to activate your account.


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