The crater and return to Junon – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

When we have defeated the two-headed dragon we can continue the adventure by the only possible way, find a “Neo Bahamut ” material and reach a new save point. If we continue we will see a scene and we can continue advancing.

The crater and the return to Junon

To cross the air currents we must wait for them to decrease. In the second barriers, in addition to waiting for the current to drop, we will also have to wait for the energy to pass. Once we get to the other side we will have to face a boss.

Boss: Jénova DEATH (3rd meeting)

This third phase of Jénova has a level 55, 25,000 health and 800 PM. We will have to do something similar to our previous confrontation: equip one of the members with the Dragon Ring. It is also recommended to attack with the limits, the Comet magic and the Bahamut summon (and its NEO version).

When we succeed in overcoming it, we will have to entrust the Black Matter to Red XII or Barret and after that continue the journey. We collect the material “Turn PM ” and continue until we cross a new barrier and, on the other side, we see a long fragmented scene in which we must speak with the characters that are there.

When we wake up again we will be playing Tifa, then Barret, and we will have to follow the scenes quite linearly until Cait Sith intervenes. Tifa will be confined in a room and we will have to get her out of there but making a detour, since the main door will be closed. So we go with Barret and Cait Sith to the airport to find Yuffie dressed as a reporter and join the group. Once we arrive at the airport we will go to check on Tifa and we will have to pick up the key with our feet and open the handcuffs that hold us on our wrists. It is quite intuitive, but we can also choose to press all the buttons until we manage to release it. After that, we must escape by climbing the exterior of the building and go down until we reach the tip of the canyon.

Once mounted on the Strong Wind airship, we can talk to all our companions, leaving Cid (and the pilot apprentice) to the end since it will be he who will end this segment of the chapter. Even so, before flying with the ship we must go to the operating room and form our group.

Thanks to this ship we can literally fly on the map, so we can finally get to the island located in the southeast of the map. Once there we enter the village of Mideel , explore it and buy supplies and equipment in the shops. When we want to continue we head to the clinic located to the north to meet Cloud.


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