Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy (PS4) Guide, Tips and Tricks

Crash Bandicoot returns with three adventures full of secrets. We give you the necessary clues to discover them all.

Welcome to our guide to Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy , the remastering of the classics for PS4 that will make many gamers remember their childhood. In this guide we tell you how to get all the secrets of the three games that they include.

Updated with images of the secret levels and Fake Crash


  • Where to find Fake Crash / False Crash (now with pictures)
  • How to access secret levels (now with pictures)
  • Final bosses
  • How to play with Coco Bandicoot
  • trick to have unlimited lives

How to get 100% and find the secret paths or routes

To get 100% in the three games and with it the 3 succulent platinum trophies, it is necessary to find all the keys, collect all the time trial relics, the white and colored gems and complete the secret levels.


To get all the white gems, it is necessary to break all the boxes in a level, however, there are a series of levels that present what appears to be transparent platforms that will take us to a secret route of the level but that we will not be able to access until we get the corresponding colored gems in other levels.

These gems are obtained in certain specific levels and to obtain them we will have to break all the boxes without dying even once (except in the bonuses, which do not count)

Once we have obtained the corresponding gems, we can return to those levels and unlock the secret routes

Secret Routes and Colored Gems Crash Bandicoot 1

Secret routes and colored gems Bandicoot 2

Secret routes and colored gems Crash Bandicoot 3

Differences from the originals

Although these three titles are practically identical to the originals, it is true that Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy introduces some changes with respect to them. We detail them.

Coco bandicoot

As we explain in this guide, it is now possible to play with Coco Bandicoot at almost all levels. Once unlocked, we just have to select it from the level selection menu. This is how to play with Coco Bandicoot .

Save system

Now all games have an autosave system, which saves our game automatically after leaving a level (either by having completed it, abandoned or died). The autosave can be deactivated if we want.

All three games have four separate save slots for each title. Three are manual, and the fourth is automatic.

Playable settings

Now all games can be controlled with the original or updated control schemes. For example, move Crash with the crosshead or joystick, or accelerate with the X or R2.

There are also minor tweaks to the physics of Crash or vehicles to make their response more snappy and more current.

Bonus phases and loss of life

In the first Crash, we lost a life if we failed a bonus phase, and it disappeared until we played the phase again. This no longer happens, and we can repeat them as many times as we want without punishment.

Online rankings

Now, time trials have online rankings, where we can compare our times with those of other players.

Tips for mastering the game and its time trials

None of the Crash Bandicoot in this collection is as difficult as it sounds, but we know they can be a bit overwhelming at first. We give you some tips, hints and tricks for the game.

  • The longer you hold down the X, the higher you will jump(within a certain limit, of course). As in a good classic platform, it is essential to learn to alternate large and small jumps.
  • Crash has two shadows in the game. One of them is the “real” one, which is projected according to the level lighting. Another is a semitransparent texture that is permanently under the position of Crash, and that indicates to us at all times where it is going to fall. In the lateral development phases it is easier to know the position of Crash, but in the development phases towards the bottom or towards the screen, this “false” shadow is very useful to locate the protagonist.
  • There is a “secret” movement, which is to run, slide and jump, which will allow us to jump higher. This move is not available in the first Crash .
  • There are phases in which you cannot die if you want to achieve 100%. If you die before the first checkpoint, you do not have to restart the level: this death will not count, since for all practical purposes you are starting the level over.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2and 3 will give us some special shoes when completing them that allow us to run more, and we encourage you to wait until you have them to perform the time trials for the relics . Finishing the first Crash wo n’t give us those shoes, but it should be possible to get the relics without them.
  • In these two games we can also use sliding and normal attack to progress fasterbetween enemies and obstacles
  • As we have already told you, you can use the wumpa fruit launcher to activate the time trial clock from afarand scratch for a few seconds.
  • The final tip: patience. Arm yourself with patience. If you get stuck in a phase, think about each jump, watch the routines of the enemies or the movements of the platforms. Unless it’s a time trial, there’s no rush!
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