Cramps: foods and natural remedies to relieve and prevent them

The cramps come suddenly and cause acute and very annoying pain. How to prevent and alleviate the Cramps? Cramps may be due to a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. The appearance of cramps can be frequent in people predisposed especially in summer, due to high temperatures (heat cramps) and in pregnancy .

Sportspeople can suffer, but also those who do not play sports and physical activity. Cramps appear both day and night. How to intervene and what to do to prevent them? Here are some useful tips.


Useful foods

A balanced intake of magnesium , potassium and calcium should never be missing from the diet . Recommended foods to prevent cramps include bananas , green leafy vegetables, eggs and yogurt. Other useful foods are legumes and wheat germ. Favorite vegetables include broccoli, arugula, spinach and cabbage. Low levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium can be among the causes of night cramps. A correct intake of calcium and magnesium is useful for solving cramps even in pregnancy.



Among the causes of cramps we find dehydration. That’s why it is important to keep our body hydrated, especially by drinking water and healthy drinks, such as herbal teas. The advice applies to both sportsmen and those who suffer from cramps while not playing sports. To combat thirst, it is best to avoid carbonated and sugary drinks, choosing freshly squeezed juices, plain water or water and lemon . Among the drinks to be avoided we find coffee, while orange juice is useful , due to its natural potassium intake.


The passion flower is considered a beneficial natural remedy to soothe cramps and muscle spasms. It has a relaxing effect on our muscles. If the cramps are nocturnal , passionflower helps to sleep better. In addition, it helps to lower blood pressure. In herbal medicine you can buy dried passion flower, suitable for the preparation of beneficial herbal teas.


Among the aromatic and medicinal herbs that many of us always have at hand in the kitchen we find rosemary. The rosemary one is considered natural remedy helpful in preventing muscle cramps , that bottle to relieve joint pain and improve digestion. Try to use it more often as a seasoning in the kitchen.

Essential oils

Among the essential oils useful for relieving pain caused by cramps are the ‘ essential oil of lavender and the’ essential oil of rosemary . You can use two or three drops to massage the painful part, after diluting them in small quantities with a basic vegetable oil, for example extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil.


To treat sudden muscle cramps it can be useful to resort to an infusion of mallow . You can prepare a normal infusion from the mallow purchased in herbal medicine, or a decoction, simmering a handful of fresh mallow leaves for a few minutes. Let cool and apply the compress on the painful area with the help of gauze.


From chamomile flowers you get the relaxing drink par excellence . Chamomile is useful to relieve and prevent muscle cramps both in the form of a normal herbal tea to drink and as an infusion to be used lukewarm or cold on painful areas. You can also prepare a chamomile oil , leaving a handful of fresh flowers to infuse in a bottle of extra virgin olive oil for a week. Then you can filter the oil and use it for massages in case of cramps.


As for the massages, you can immediately intervene on the part affected by the pain, so as to try to relieve it. L ‘ homeopathy suggests just the massage as the first remedy to be used against cramps. You will need to massage the cramped muscle with your thumbs, starting from the inside and heading outwards. This massage helps relax sore muscles.

Coconut oil and cayenne pepper

Among the natural remedies useful for fighting cramps are coconut oil and cayenne pepper . Melt the coconut oil in a water bath, if it has solidified due to the low temperatures, and add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Let it cool down, store in a glass jar and use this remedy to massage the muscles when the cramp appears or as a prevention, even once a day, during the periods when cramps often occur.


The Ayurvedic medicine suggests the use of mustard seeds light or dark as a natural remedy for cramps. You will have to pour a handful of mustard seeds (the same amount that could be contained in a tea bag) in a basin in which to immerse the parts of the body affected by cramps (for example legs and calves). Continue the mustard foot bath for at least 20 minutes or until the cramps disappear.

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