Crackdown 2 Xbox One: there are big news!

A few minutes ago a news came out about Crackdown 2 Xbox One that will only make fans of the open word of Ruffian Games happy . The title is finally backwards compatible and free for those with the Microsoft console . Here are all the details!

Crackdown 2 Xbox One: here is its entrance

Microsoft has officially announced that Crackdown 2 is now backwards compatible for Xbox On and. Translated: can be downloaded for free, as well as the first chapter of the series.

At the moment it is not yet known whether it is a time offer or a permanent choice: in doubt we can only tell you to download the game in these hours.

Crackdown 2 Xbox One: a choice that had already been made

Microsoft had already made a similar decision for CrackDown 1, which had been the subject of a backwards compatibility program shortly before the release of chapter 3 of the series.


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