Couple challenge: 20 questions to see who knows more who

Sometimes we think that we know everything about our partner, or that our partner knows everything about us. However, as the saying goes, you never finish meeting someone. Are you ready for this duo challenge?

The communication is a key part of a good relationship. When we start a love relationship, we get to know each other little by little and after a while we discover that we know many things about our partner in depth.

However, many things go unnoticed, which, for the couple’s sake, is good to know. For example, we women love that men remember details that we once told them, because it was important for us to trust that.

Therefore, what we propose in this article is to carry out this questionnaire for two to see how much they know each other and what things they don’t know . Not only will you have a little fun, but you will also test your memory (although there may be some complaints too!)

The 20 questions to know who knows more who

Answer these questions with your partner to find out how much he knows about you and to discover together those things that need to know each other. They can answer simultaneously, or first answer one and then the other.

  1. What was my best childhood friend called?
  2. How old was I when I had my first pet?
  3. What is my OCD or craze?
  4. What can I not do before I go to bed?
  5. What is my weakness?
  6. What part of my body doesn’t make me feel comfortable?
  7. What do I value most about you?
  8. What importance do I attach to the physical aspect of a relationship?
  9. I find a suitcase with money. What do you think I do?
  10. What do I do every day, but I don’t like to do?
  11. What time do we meet?
  12. What is my favorite movie?
  13. What is my most special date?
  14. What is my favorite thing about our relationship?
  15. What is the least thing I like about our relationship?
  16. What do I regret?
  17. Do you think I would forgive infidelity?
  18. What do you think I would do if I had a lot of money?
  19. What things make me cry or be very sad?
  20. Describe me in 3 words

And the results are …

With this questionnaire two things may have happened: either they are proud to know each other so deeply, or they have discovered that there are still many things to discover, work and talk about. Either option is valid.

This type of game lets us expose everything we want the other to know about us. Couple knowledge is a powerful tool that we can use to love, care and give affection at all times.

Knowing your tastes, your hobbies, your sadness, your bad memories and even what your childhood teacher was called are small elements that add up when strengthening the relationship. When the soul is stripped, it is because you are comfortable with those who are by your side.

When things are hidden it is a warning sign

Not all couples are frank and open when it comes to talking about their lives. The reticence imposed by one of the couple’s members may come from fear of censorship , or simply as a way to protect themselves against certain issues.

For example: there are many people who do not like to talk about their intimacy, family problems that happened in their childhood, trauma or even the name of their first girlfriend / boyfriend. In this case, we can respect the silence or encourage the person to understand the reason for this resistance to sharing certain things.

We often hear cases of couples who, when they separate, say “I was not the person I believed in”, or “I didn’t know him completely after we were married”. Therefore, many simple questions can help us to know in depth the history of a person, as well as his way of thinking and acting in life.

Confession in love

It is important to listen to our partner when he predisposes to tell something about his life that he never told, or what he needs to vent. It is also good to have these relaxed conversations where the happy anecdotes of childhood and adolescence are remembered. Remembering them together is enriching and adds up to building relationships.

Opening up to those you love is a pure and simple act where you strip your heart and expose all your feelings, because you are not afraid, and you trust. You don’t tell your stuff to anyone, least of all your fears, fantasies, crazes, or stormy memories.

Always keeping this communication link open at the wedding will keep it always standing. Be it beautiful memories or things that should be said about the present relationship, we never stop looking into each other’s eyes and using the word to say – with respect and affection – everything that needs to be said and heard.

Do not forget that the lack of communication raises a wall between the couple, which ends up separating them. Let us not listen just to answer; let us listen to each other to understand and help.


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