Coronavirus: quarantine and compensation how does it work?

The number of people in isolation for risk of contamination by the SARS-CoV2 virus is increasing and so are the questions. Who are the people involved? How to get compensation when you are an employee and forced to stay at home? Answers.


  1. Coronavirus and isolation: who is affected?
  2. What should I do if I fall under these conditions?
  3. Isolation: what if I am an employee?
  4. If I am an employed parent and my child is in segregation?
  5. What approach?
  6. Do not go to your general practitioner!


Since the beginning of the spread of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus in France, the term quarantine has been used incorrectly. Rather, it is a measure of isolation or containment. At the beginning of March 2020, the coronavirus epidemic is still in stage 2 , that is to say containment. The strategies remain essentially preventive. “Careful monitoring of contact persons around these cases is currently being implemented by the regional health agencies (ARS) concerned and the regional units of Public Health France” , explains the Ministry of Health. Since the outbreak of coronavirus cases at the end of February 2020, suspect cases have multiplied at high speed and the number of people ordered to stay at home for 14 to 20 days too.

Coronavirus and isolation: who is affected?

  • Confirmed cases:where the biological sample taken at the hospital revealed the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus;
  • Suspect cases: aperson who is considered to be able to meet the case definition (awaiting classification);
  • Possible patient case:after evaluation and classification by a referent infectiologist, returning from a risk zone (China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Iran and the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna for the moment ) with the presence or monitoring of symptoms;
  • Co-exposed person:any contact with a “possible case”;
  • Contactperson : person who has been in contact with a “confirmed case” at different risk levels (negligible, low and moderate / high).

What should I do if I fall under these conditions?

In stage 2, “the approach chosen will initially aim to develop a robust ambulatory sector with early return and home care of Covid-19 patients classified as” confirmed cases “to ensure and facilitate the care of patients who do not require hospitalization, “said the government. Only patients with signs of severity are treated in a health facility.

The rest must remain at home in containment. For people classified as “possible cases” who cannot stay at home or with housing difficulties, intermediate structures and “alternative homes” must be set up, specifies the Ministry of Health.

For “possible”, “suspect”, “co-exposed” or “in contact” cases, isolation for 14 days is recommended after performing a screening test.

During this period, you must:

  • Stay at home ;
  • Monitor its temperature twice a day as well as the appearance of symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing. If yes contact 15;
  • Avoid contact with others, especially the frail and any non-essential outing;
  • Wash your hands regularly

Isolation: what if I am an employee?

If you return from a risk zone, it is recommended to inform your employer before any resumption so that he can take the necessary measures to avoid any contact with the rest of the company during the 14 days following your return. . Your employer may then ask you to telecommute or set up your workstation to limit the contagion. “For the record, teleworking is a right provided for by article L. 1222-9 of the labor code resulting from the ordinance of September 22, 2017. I can therefore ask my employer to benefit from teleworking on an ad hoc or lasting basis. all means. If my employer gives me his agreement, it can be done by any means. The refusal must be justified ” , reminds the ministries of Health and Labor in a press release.

The employer has the right: 

  • Put yourself in telework;
  • To modify the dates of leave already set;

If these solutions are neither suitable for you nor for the employer, you can contact a qualified doctor on the site of your regional health agency who will proceed “to the establishment of a notice of sick leave corresponding to the recommended isolation time. ”

Important: “If my employer invites me himself not to appear at my workplace and in the absence of this notice of stoppage of work, my remuneration cannot be suspended” , specifies the government.

Compensation: In the event of work stoppage issued, according to the decree of January 31, 2020 published in the Official Journal , the employee benefits from daily social security benefits and zero days of deficiency for 20 days maximum. For the time being, the duration of this exemption has been set at two months. The work stoppage must be prescribed not by the attending physician but by one of the physicians from the regional health agency that relates to your department. The latter transmits the list of insured persons directly to the local health insurance body. As soon as you receive the work stoppage, you must immediately send the salary certificate to your health insurance organization.

If I am an employed parent and my child is in segregation?

The compensation measure taken by the government as part of the isolation and containment strategies also applies to parents whose child is affected. On March 4, 2020, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran announced in a press release the decision to temporarily close certain crèches and establishments. Compensated sick leave may therefore be prescribed for only one of the parents of a child under the age of 16 if:

  • Parents have no other solution for the care of their children;
  • Parents residing in a home for the circulation of the coronavirus whose child is taken in or educated outside one of the municipalities of this home;
  • Parents can benefit from working conditions allowing them to stay at home to keep a child placed in isolation.


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