Coronavirus: How to overcome fear and set an example for our children

The Covid-19 invasion does not seem to come alone, it is accompanied by another invasion, that of FEAR. As that image of the supermarkets shows where it is appreciated that the fuller the car, the more fear there is in it.

Fear is a natural and primary emotion; that is, we all humans feel it. Its function is to move us away from danger (real or imaginary) which is why it is very powerful, that is, it easily dominates us and makes many decisions for us, even nullifying reason. He is in charge of making the worst possible interpretation, it also paralyzes us, it is invasive (it grows bigger and bigger within us) and it is contagious, we pass it on to children or to those around us.

There is only one way to overcome a fear, and that is to face it with the courage that all humans also have (sometimes hidden, but it is inside if we seek it).

I usually explain that fear is lack of information, so it is natural to be afraid of this virus, we lack information on whether it will affect us and to what extent.

But it is precisely in these moments of fear, or even of collective panic, when we can give an important example to our children ; face fear with serenity to make room for reason, and change the yo-yo-yo for an “us”, a us as a society, as a community or as a tribe, because together humans can do everything.

They say that it is in the worst moments when it is shown who we really are. Do we do it? Do we show it to our little ones?


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