Coral Valley and Cliffs of Gea – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

We continue the adventure after completing the Forgotten City chasing the shadow of Sefirot through the northeast exit of the place. We climb the bone structure and on the stone wall we collect the various objects and the “Super Magic” material before continuing upwards.

Coral Valley and Cliffs of Gea

Being on the world map we advance through the western part of the snowy mountains until we enter the Icicle Town. Once there we can investigate and rest at the inn. We must also collect the Glacier Map from the house on the right. When we try to leave the town from the north we will see a scene with Elena and we will have to go to the house with the dog at the door so that the boy there gives us his snowboard .

With it we can already descend the northern Nevada slope (without having to make a good score or time) and reach a lake. We will have to cross its last part by jumping through the thicker blocks of ice. Once this is done we will arrive at a cave that contains ” Security piece “. After that we go back and take the path to the right until we get lost in the various paths of the mountains of the Great Glacier . When we wake up we will meet at Holzoff’s house . We talk to him and write down the indications he gives us about how to climb. For this we simply have to climb and when we reach a clearing heat to raise our temperature a few degrees.

Upon reaching the cave we must go to the top to push a rock, go back out and continue climbing. When we get to the next cave we can save the game and go through an exit to the right to get to the top of the cave where we were. There, when we encounter battle, we will have to focus on attacking the “Iciclos” (stalagmites) instead of the bats. We do the same with the 4 and after that we can go down and go through the door. We continue, climb once more and arrive at another cave where we have to prepare to face a boss.

Boss: Schizo

This dragon has a level 43, 18000 health and 350 MP. It has two heads and with each one it attacks us with one element: fire and ice. The solution is simple: we attack him with the opposite element to each one and we forget about other spells like gravity and poison, to which he is immune. When we succeed in killing him, we can continue to the crater .


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