How to copy PS4 saves to USB stick or cloud – Help

Dear assiduous readers of PlayStationBit, welcome back, are you ready to enjoy a new and flamboyant guide? After our Andrea showed us in detail how to restore the licenses of our applications , the time has come to go back to talking about more “videogame” issues. How many times have you regretted not having made backup saves? How can we prevent these from being lost forever due to a power surge? Follow our tutorial and you can find a solution to these two narrow questions.

With the exponential increase in the longevity of modern stocks, the management of bailouts has become increasingly important, so much so as to require the use of some strategies to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. What would you do if, after spending several hundred hours on a RPG, everything was lost? Do not despair, because PlayStation 4 has made available to players a series of options to be able to transfer and therefore preserve the rescue files in the best way.

Back up your saves to a USB stick (or other devices)

The first possibility is to have a simple USB stick (no matter the capacity, as the files weigh little) and to follow a series of small steps. In this way you can create real backups, so you can use them in emergencies or to facilitate the hunt for the most tedious Platinis. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your USB stick to the console and format it when required (this will erase the data inside it, eye!)
  • Where are my bailouts? Simply, go to Settings and select the item Manage saved data of the application
  • Then continue by selecting Data saved in system storage memory – Copy to USB storage device
  • At this point you just have to choose the save to move and press Copy

To speed things up you can also take advantage of the option to move multiple files at once; to do this you will have to open the menu with the Options button and click on the Select more applications item.

How to move save games from USB device to PS4

It is also possible to carry out the reverse procedure to be able to restore the saves on disk ; simply go backwards (files must be moved from the USB stick to the internal memory). Also remember that once the files are on the stick they can also be stored on the PC without any kind of problem.

Do you need a more immediate and less … “cumbersome” method? Then cloud storage , or online data storage, could be just right for you!


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