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Sometimes your Instagram account may have some problems. For example, it is possible that you cannot access the app or, perhaps, that your Instagram account has been blocked . What to do in these cases? This article will explain how to contact the Instagram support service , to get an answer as quickly as possible .

  • Instagram standard contact method
  • How to solve a problem if you are an Instagram influencer
  • Troubleshoot corporate Instagram account
  • Bonus: how to unlock an Instagram account
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Instagram standard contact method

First of all, you could contact Instagram through standard channels, such as by email or by phone. In this case you can send an email to [email protected] or call +1 650 543 4800 .

On the other hand, you can contact the help center ( Instagram Help Center ). To do this, simply access the official Instagram web page and click on Assistance , at the bottom right. On the page that opens, click on Center for privacy and security , then on Reporting a content and, finally, choose one of the suggestions proposed.

The problem is that, in most cases, it will be a blockage caused by server saturation (the platform has more than 1 billion active users). Instagram usually prioritizes accounts with thousands or millions of followers because, for a normal user, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get an answer:

It is also advisable to also search the FAQ (frequently asked questions) of the Instagram help center (, where the most frequent problems of users and the ways to solve them are listed.

How to solve a problem if you are an Instagram influencer

If your Instagram profile is followed by thousands of followers, you are in luck: it is in fact possible that Instagram monitors Influencers in order to solve problems more quickly, as in the case of an app block or account suspension. Plus, influencers have another option: Instagram employees are demanding to be paid a golden price to help solve problems unofficially. If you have big profits from your Instagram account and are losing followers (with big monetary losses) you can also consider this option:

Troubleshoot corporate Instagram account

If you spend money, on a regular basis, to promote your content on Instagram or Facebook (owner of the social media dedicated to photography), it is also possible that the company pays more attention to account-related problems. It is therefore recommended to use the Instagram business profile to explain the problem: it is in fact more likely that you will get a quick response from the platform, which will not want to lose a paying customer in any case.

Bonus: how to unlock an Instagram account

If for an unjustified reason your Instagram account has been blocked , there is a possibility to unblock it. Just click on this link , indicate the type of account (business, product or service), complete the required fields and send the message. In theory, the response from Instagram will arrive between 3 days and a week . Finally, after the request to verify your data, Instagram will reactivate the blocked account:

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