What is consolidation and what can be consolidated

The word Consolidation has Latin roots. It came from the merger of the prefix con (together) and the verb solidare (to condense, strengthen). In Russian, this word is used in the following meanings:

  1. consolidation is the unification, rallying, merging, strengthening, strengthening, integration (what is it?) of something (people, associations, etc.);
  2. to consolidate is to strengthen, unite;
  3. consolidated is consolidated, consolidated.

Words with the same root – solid, solidarity, solidify. Words that are opposite in meaning – separation, decay.

In the explanatory dictionary, the noun “consolidation” is mentioned with the word “book”. This means that in most cases it is used in official business or scientific speech.

The most common areas of use:

  1. Right
  2. Economics, finance
  3. Sociology
  4. Science
  5. Geology

The foreign term consolidation is widely used in business and academic circles. Consider some examples of its use in order to answer the question of what is consolidation in simple words.

What can be consolidated in the legislation

In the legal system of any state over time, the same problem arises – the accumulation of a large number of legal and regulatory acts ( laws ), developed on similar issues and having the same subject of regulation.

In order to eliminate inconsistencies and disagreements between individual documents, to avoid multiplicity and duplication in international practice, the consolidation of legislation is widely changing.

This procedure consists in combining existing legal acts into one enlarged regulatory unit with the same content.

It provides the convenience of legal regulation and is recognized as one of the most effective ways to streamline legislation.

Memory consolidation in a dream

An interesting application for the term is offered by modern scientists engaged in the study of the nervous system and cognitive processes .

From the point of view of neurophysiologists, consolidation is the process of transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory. Memory consolidation most effectively occurs in a dream (what is it?) .

Hence the well-known statement that sleep improves memory . For this reason, students who pass the session are often advised, having learned the material before the exam, to have a good sleep in order to consolidate new information.

The consolidation process is based on the formation of new neural contacts , which occurs in the cerebral cortex in sleep mode.

In a person who has suffered a severe head injury or exposure to electric shock, this process may be disrupted, as a result of which he has retrograde amnesia – loss of memories of events that immediately preceded the injury.

Consolidation in Sociology

The merging of several nationalities, similar in cultural traditions, language and origin, into a larger community is called ethnic consolidation.

Usually this process occurs naturally as a result of the development and strengthening of socio-economic and cultural ties. At one time, the Old Russian nationality was formed by combining drevlyans, glades and Vyatichi.

Sociology also identifies as a separate category intra-ethnic consolidation. This process is the internal unity of the ethnic group , the strengthening of its homogeneity due to the smoothing of cultural and linguistic differences between individual groups.

An example of such consolidation is the merging within the Ukrainian ethnic group of three nationalities: Hutsuls, Lemks, and Boyk.

What is consolidation in economics and finance

In the harsh conditions of the modern market, small and medium-sized enterprises are often at risk of bankruptcy. In order to preserve their capital and production capacities, they resort to consolidation – unification into larger structures.

Consolidation of enterprises is the merger of several commercial companies, which are independent legal entities, into a single holding with the definition of the parent company and its branches (subsidiaries).

What usually accompanies this process? Specialists involved in the business combination need to develop a new form of financial reporting, create a common database, consolidate budgets and adopt an internal charter taking into account the interests of each shareholder. All of these procedures are carried out in strict accordance with applicable law.

What are the benefits of a merger? The merger of individual companies into a holding ( syndicate , trust , cartel ) can reduce production costs, achieve price stability, conquer new market sectors, and develop production potential.

In addition to business combinations, other things are consolidating in the field of economics and finance . For example, accounting reports, stock investments and much more. In financial markets, the term consolidation means stabilization after strong volatility (what is it?) , And at the state level, this is the replacement of the national currency with stable currencies.

Consolidated soils in geology

In geology, there is the concept of soil consolidation. This is a process in which the amount of water in the soil decreases due to its filtration or squeezing under the influence of external loads. As a result of this, consolidated (compacted) soil is formed.

This phenomenon is due to the multiphase structure of the soil, which contains many different particles that interact with each other. Under the influence of external forces, these particles come together, as a result of which the soil layer is compressed. In parallel with this, water is filtered, which flows into less stressed zones. The result of these processes is a change in the structure of the soil .

Theories that study soil consolidation are basic to engineering design. Consideration of this factor is of great importance in the construction of civil and industrial buildings, as it helps to prevent the possible destruction of construction sites .


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