Conqueror’s Blade – Furious Assault Event Guide

A detailed guide to the new PvE event in Conqueror’s Blade

As promised by the developers of Conqueror’s Blade , another event called Furious Assault was recently added to the game servers . It is a PvE map that resembles one of the “Siege” locations, but the difference is that in this battle you need to repel numerous attacks of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

The main advantage of such events is that even if the squad is killed, the fighters will not be injured and will not need to replenish their equipment. You can try your hand at defending the fortress both with a random team and with friends: for this, you must first create a group, and the leader must start looking for a game.

Targets and opponents

As in a regular PvE mission, only five field commanders can be present here, and in order to simplify the task for users a little, there is already a garrison in the fortress under the control of AI. But it still won’t bring much benefit, since in a single battle you need to deal with several thousand enemies: therefore, we advise you to rely on yourself and your teammates. Also, throughout the battle, the fortress will be bombarded with trebuchets – be careful and try not to leave your squad.

Your main goal is to protect civilians, as well as an ally commander (AI). As we noted, there will be so many invaders that it is very easy to lose your grip and be defeated at the end of the battle. The enemies in this mission will be various units: fighters with swords, pikemen, arrows, skirmishers, arquebusiers and even cavalry. It is worth noting that the Furious Assault mission is divided into two difficulty levels: I and II. In the first case, there are not so many opponents, and they will be slightly weaker than when passing the second level of difficulty. In this guide, we will give advice on passing exactly the higher difficulty.

Equipment and units

Which class to break into the battle is up to you. But even if you prefer mobile fighters, do not forget to bring good units with you, which should compensate for all the shortcomings of the general. We recommend choosing the following:

  • Long-range units(archers, crossbowmen, arrows): since several AI garrisons are initially located on the territory of the castle, it is not necessary to wait for one of the allies to put a defensive unit in front of the attackers. You can line up an army behind the allied garrison and attack the enemy.
  • Spearmen: Great for taking out some waves of cavalry in the first and second stages.
  • Cavalry: With the help of riders, you can easily deal with several waves of infantrymen at the very beginning of the battle (central gate), as well as at the end of the mission.
  • Order SpearmenSpearmen and their counterparts: such a unit will be needed towards the end of the battle, since the enemies will attack from several directions.

Walkthrough Tips

First step

First, it should be noted that enemies can attack from one or several directions at the same time. If the invasion will take place from several directions at once, this will be indicated by a short video in which you can watch the destruction of one of the walls of the fortress.

You appear in the center of the castle, whose gates are about to be destroyed. In addition, siege towers have already joined the walls of the fortress, so there is no point in shooting enemies from the top. As we said, the main enemy forces can arrive from one or two directions at the same time (central gate and a gap in the wall), as well as from the walls of the fortress. If there is only one exclamation mark on the minimap indicating the accumulation of enemies, then focus on the central gate. In other cases, it is worth dividing the forces: two players occupy a position at the central gate (it is advisable to have a detachment of archers, infantrymen, or cavalry), and the remaining commanders are sent to restrain the enemy’s forces at the gap in the wall.

It is best to build a defense of spearmen with shields in several rows, and immediately behind them place a couple of long-range units. Thus, the infantry and cavalry of the invaders will not be able to reach the archers and riflemen, and the generals are easily able to attack from behind the detachments and, if necessary, retreat.

Second phase

As soon as you repel the first wave of invaders, return to the center of the settlement. From which side the units will attack is difficult to say, since their appearance is almost always determined by chance. You can activate the tactical mode “Eye of the Hawk” to track enemies on the map.

In any case, you need to spread out in three directions. Usually the main forces of the enemy arrive in the center as well as from a gap in the wall. If you “miss” at least one of the directions, the detachments will get to the Commander of the garrison and inflict damage on him. As for the Commander himself, he will not stand aside when the invaders are nearby. Therefore, it makes no sense to “cover” him with a detachment of shield bearers. When the three exclamation marks on the minimap disappear, go to the last strongpoint where the Garrison Commander is located.

The final

Do not waste time and choose a squad with which you will fight until the very end. If during the attack of the raiders your squad dies, then you will lose precious time to change the army. In an amicable way, several generals must choose an army of spearmen or their analogues in order to close the approaches to the central square from both sides. The remaining commanders can choose cavalry and long-range units.

If you have defended your side from enemies, then send the garrison to the opposite side for support. To end the battle, in addition to numerous squads, you will have to defeat several Officers and General Ozaki. The easiest way to do this is while under the protection of your own or allied squad.


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