How to connect Twitch accounts to PS4 and broadcast live

With the improvements to network infrastructures in recent years, streaming and related broadcasts have undergone a strong surge in audience ratings on Italian soil too. The explosion of the Twitch phenomenon in Italy is largely due to the possibility of following a direct or even broadcasting one of its own from the latest generation consoles, namely from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As good “drivers” as we are, if you are interested in showing your clips or real gaming directives to the whole world, we explain how to connect the Twitch account to PlayStation 4 and how to solve some annoying and never explicit streaming problems .

How do I start a live broadcast?

The most important and obvious thing is to have a Twitch account, which you can create for free from the official website via browser or via app. To use the functions of the viola site, you will need to have a PlayStation Network account and a smartphone with the Twitch app installed. After meeting the requirements, from the PlayStation 4 dashboard go to Settings, Sharing and transmission, Connect to other services .

Once you have chosen the Twitch item and logged in, you will have to scan the barcode shown on the screen with the application (or from ) and then enter the alphanumeric combination shown on your smartphone. At this point, enter the game you want to broadcast and press the Share button , from here go to the item Broadcast game, change the various settings (title, description, resolution and tag) and start the live broadcast with the button at the bottom.

My connection isn’t powerful enough to handle a broadcast. How to remedy?

Although in recent years the network has significantly improved in Italy, there are still many cases of low bandwidth or network dispersed among routers. First of all, forget to start a broadcast with a connection lower than 7 Mbps. It is possible, but you will find innumerable problems of image “cuts” and lag. With a weak connection, we recommend limiting yourself to 720p and 30 fps resolution and disconnecting the PlayStation Camera, removing the sideband with user comments from the settings of the direct broadcast (which you can comfortably view from the Twitch app) and, above all, to connect your console via Ethernet .

I start the live broadcast, but the box with “On the air” remains gray. What does it mean?

This problem is very common, a headache due to an almost sudden change in Twitch’s policies linked to certain scandals that violated its rules. The problem is actually due to the request to activate two-factor authentication on Twitch . It’s not a problem due to your console, don’t worry!

To enable two-factor authentication (2FA) you will need to arm yourself with a computer, go to Twitch’s security and privacy settings and select Enable two-factor authentication. From here the purple platform will ask you to enter the Twitch password and your mobile number, which will be used to send you a verification code via SMS . Once you have entered the code in the requested browser page and once you have restarted your PlayStation 4, you can finally start streaming.

Do I need specific peripherals to start a live broadcast?

No capture card will be needed to capture images and videos from the console; this is already integrated. However, Sony’s streaming allows only a basic broadcast, limited to its peripherals. The only way to cast your face in a box together with the video game, at least on PlayStation 4, is to get a PlayStation Camera, because other cameras will not be recognized . The microphone at least is universal, the one integrated into the common smartphone headphones is fine (but not very good), but the situation on the PlayStation 4 remains limited.

In case you want to broaden your horizons as a streamer and add banners or templates and use a video camera of your preference, you will necessarily need to purchase a capture card (we indicate the one that best fits between economic and quality ) and connect it to your PC while running an application like OBS Studio. Hoping that our guide has served you … and we wish you luck in streaming!


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