Configure the ‘NVIDIA control panel’ and play with maximum FPS

Although today’s technology is focused on making different areas of our lives automatic and seeking to reduce the difficulty of routine tasks, not all of them have to focus on work, the popular options for entertainment without connection,  the most famous worldwide being videogames.

These digital works of art allow us to spend incredible moments of emotion and tension, but as the years go by they require more and more power from our computers, as well as knowing how to optimize their performance to the maximum.

In this article we will teach you the most important aspects to configure the options offered by the NVIDIA control panel to play with the best frames per second (FPS) that your PC can offer.

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  1. What factors should be considered when configuring the NVIDIA control panel?
    1. The graphics card model
    2. Updated card drivers
  2. Where can you get the NVIDIA control panel?
    1. From Microsoft Store
    2. On the official NVIDIA website
  3. What methods are in the NVIDIA control panel to increase the FPS of a game?
    1. Check energy savings
    2. Reduce the ‘saw effect’
    3. Edit transparency and textures
    4. Adjust 3D performance
    5. Improve GPU performance and latency

What factors should be considered when configuring the NVIDIA control panel?

Before getting directly into the configuration, we must take into account a series of aspects that will help us to carry out all the steps successfully and without experiencing problems.

The graphics card model

Our graphics card must be of a recent enough model that allows access to a settings menu with all the relevant options, in case some of the options proposed here do not appear, they are probably not available for your computer.

Updated card drivers

We must keep the drivers of the card updated , since in case of not having these up to date, it is possible that the changes are not carried out or errors may occur that make it impossible to make changes, so to dispel any doubts it is better to go to the NVIDIA website and look for updated drivers for drivers.

Where can you get the NVIDIA control panel?

The control panel is not an option that is found by default in our operating system, but we have to download it separately by using a functional app store or from our browser through the Internet with the following options available:

From Microsoft Store

The first option that we take into account for this task is the Microsoft Store , where we will only have to use the keywords NVIDIA Control Panel for the store to give us the result, to which we will only have to make a few clicks to start the installation , in addition to the fact that it is updated automatically.

On the official NVIDIA website

The second alternative that we have comes from the hand of NVIDIA, who on their website have the links to download their Control Panel, in which we will only have to execute a “.EXE file” and we will be able to have it.

What methods are in the NVIDIA control panel to increase the FPS of a game?

Once we have our NVIDIA Control Panel on our computer, we will only have to open it and take into account the following aspects to achieve maximum performance:

Check energy savings

The energy saving mode usually limits the power of our computer, so it will be better to change this option to maximum performance mode , this option will allow our GPU to reach its maximum performance when necessary.

Reduce the ‘saw effect’

The saw effect is an option that appears on our GPU as anti-aliasing, this option works as a filter that allows us to improve the pixels of the textures that appear on our screen , by reducing it, the computer will make less effort to process this option.

Edit transparency and textures

With the options of LOD differences, anisotropic optimization, and trilinear optimization, we can choose if we want our games to run with a higher FPS performance or get the maximum potential to have the best graphics.

Adjust 3D performance

In the 3D Performance section we can find 3 tabs to configure different sections of the 3D processing of our computer, our objective will be to go to the option of a standard among 3 and select the option of maximum performance.

Improve GPU performance and latency

With the low latency mode in the performance of our CPU activated we will be able to eliminate the delays that may exist of complementary accessories of our computer such as the response time of the mouse and the keyboard.

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