Complete walkthrough of The Sinking City

The entire storyline of The Sinking City and all side quests
We will tell you how to complete the main and side missions of The Sinking City , as well as open the three endings of the game. By the way, before starting the walkthrough, we advise you to read our guide for beginners , and after completing the game – a selection of Easter eggs and secrets .
How to complete the task “Cold welcome”

The game will start from the ship’s cabin, which we advise you to study well so as not to miss a part of the story. Examine the pistol and turn it sideways to get a comment from the hero. As you get off the ship, talk to Van Der Berg and ask him in detail about everything. He will send you to Robert Throgmorton. From him you will receive a task to search for the missing son. You should start your investigation from the boat located here:

The boat from where the search for Robert’s son starts
At the boat, examine three pieces of evidence – a letter, a helmet and the name of the boat on the side. Next, go to the house behind Throgmorton. Examine all the evidence on two floors so that a portal appears in the room that will take you to the past. Number the memories in the following order: bed – fight – escape. Next, you need to combine the fragments in the Halls of Mind as follows:
• “Albert Returned Mad” – “A Flash of Madness”
• “Albert returned insane” – “Albert attacked the fishermen”
• “When Albert was wounded, he fled” – “One of the fishermen was missing”
• Lewis Fired Without Warning – The Throgmortons and the Innsmouths
After getting out of the house, enter the concentration mode and follow the human silhouettes, picking up all the evidence along the way. Soon you will reach the warehouse, where you should study the crime scene, and search the boxes for valuable items. Then go down to the basement and shoot at the lock on the door. Also prepare your weapon, as there will be one enemy below.
Find the corpse hanging from the hook. Then start connecting the facts in the Halls of Mind:
• “Lewis Chased Albert” – “When Albert Was Wounded, He Fled”
• “Lewis left the crime scene” – “Bar owner owes Lewis”
Next, go to the bar. It is located in the following location:
At the bar, talk to the bartender and ask about Lewis. It doesn’t matter what you tell him, he will reveal his friend. Go upstairs and talk to Lewis. He will ask not to give him over to Throgmorton. For this he will give you cartridges. After that, do not rush to leave the bar. On the first floor, talk to a fortune teller and buy a fortune telling. Also go to the kitchen behind the bartender – there is a box with valuables.
When you go to Throgmorton, you can either lie about Lewis or tell the truth.
How to complete the quest “Lost at Sea”
Coming out of the port, the hero imagines a vision, and he will lose consciousness. You will wake up already in a hotel room. Look around your room. You can change clothes in the wardrobe.
After leaving the room, explore all the rooms, including the floor above, to get valuable items. Then go down and talk to the owner. In the process, you can take a bunch of strange letters from him. Also study the two letters on the tables. Next, head to the expedition headquarters, which is located here:
Expedition headquarters
The first step is to thoroughly survey the building for information and valuables. On the first floor, find a handful of papers on the floor, enter concentration mode and follow the silhouettes of the crows until you come to an illusory wall that can be dispelled.
Keep following the crows until you find a letter near the barrel. Also prepare your weapon, as you are being attacked by an Innsmouth with a pistol. Climbing up, you can go to the past. The sequence of events is quite simple: door – tables – stairs – burning of papers. In the palace of the mind, combine the “Declaration of the load” and “Burnt documents”.
Next, head to the local newspaper office. You will have a building marker on the map. After arriving there, talk to the journalist girl at the counter. Then use the archive, which is located on the first floor:
Look for a clue by the following criteria: period – after the flood, type – announcement, location – Grimhaven Bay. The found article will send you to the port where you were at the beginning of the game.
Port of Grimhaven Bay
On the third pier, you will be given the task of killing the Wylebists. After completing the task, do not rush to leave and study the ship. You will find a letter in the captain’s room. Then return to the one who instructed to get rid of the monsters and he will tell you about Sanders.
Further, if you go to the ship, then on the pier you can go to the past. Arrange events from the ship there. And in the Halls of Mind, connect “Sanders escaped” – “Wounded sailor” and go to St. Mary’s Hospital, where you should talk to the doctor near the counter. After that, study the local archive, which is located behind the doctor. You need to search according to the following criteria: subject – patients, period – after the flood, department – surgery.
Then go up to the third floor and look for a bearded man. This is Captain Sanders, who will tell you about the expedition. In the Halls of Mind, combine the “Distraught Crew” – “Wounded Sailor”. Look for the ship’s log in the basement of the hospital in the warehouse. Next, head to the diving suit factory:
Prepare ammo, as you have to kill two monsters. At the factory, look for an office where the required spacesuit will be. Then return to the port and go to the marked boat. Once on the island, go up to the tap and go down under the water. At the bottom, follow the lights until you reach the cave.
There, take a picture of the corpse of the Innsmouth, squatting, and the statue at the edge of the cliff. After that, look for the altar and study it in concentration mode, while talking with the madman nearby. Next, a portal to the past will appear. Place your memories in the following order: Innsmouths at the entrance – altar – theft of the seal.
In the Halls of Mind, combine the following fragments:
• “Mad Scientists” with “The Madness of Scientists is Contagious” and “Saving Albert”
• “Burnt Documents” with “Underwater Artifact”.
Next, open the note under the question marks and write a verdict. Then return to the spacesuit, go upstairs and go to the boat. The cut-scene will begin, and the hero wakes up in his room. Next, go to the Throgmorton mansion and report the results to him.
One good turn deserves another
Now you need to infiltrate the ranks of the Innsmouths. But first, go to the police station archive and look for a clue according to the following criteria: crimes against the person, subjects – suspects, evidence – instruments of crime. As a result, you will get a lead. You need to go to the fish market in the following place:
There, find a woman near the board with a picture of an eye, who will entrust you with a task to find a thief. In the Halls of Mind, combine “In Okmkunta hunger” and “TOD distributes fish.” You can find a fish factory at the following location: How to get through the Fish Market
Arriving there, tell the guard the password and ask him about the thief. Then go to the warehouse, but prepare your weapons against weak enemies. Explore the room, on the second floor, take the letter from the Orphanage, and also examine the other two items on the table. Then go down to the basement and find the dead fish. Study it in concentration mode, and then follow the silhouettes until you find a laboratory flask.
Next, find the punched box on the first floor, go down to the basement again and go to the locker with things, near which you develop an illusory wall. Examine the scalpels in the open room. Going outside, ask the guard about the torture chamber. Then a portal to the past should appear on the first floor, where arrange the memories in the following order: words about the professor – fish poisoning – guard on the second floor – guard on the first floor.
Then combine in the Halls of Mind “Laboratory bottle” with “TOD distributes fish” and “Mention of the professor.” Outside, the guard will talk to you again, where you can choose whether to hand it over or not. Report to Anna about what happened.
How to pass the Faculty of Medicine
Then go to the university. The label is on the map, the main thing is not to confuse it with the library. After arriving at the place, talk to the person at the entrance to the closed building. He will send you to medical school. Arriving there, talk to the scientist near the counter and he will ask you to clear the basement from monsters. If you are low on ammo, look into the room on the right, where there is a crate with a good supply of ammo. Having prepared, go down to the basement, where there will be 4 weak monsters. You can explore the area and find two diaries about the experiment.
After cleaning the basement, report it to the customer and he will analyze the powder in the flask. Then go up to the second floor, in front of the entrance read the announcement about the TOD, and examine the professor’s office. Shoot the lock on the locked door, and in the room examine the flasks and enter the concentration mode. Follow the silhouettes until you find a soap with a key cast. Then study all the other evidence in the room. In the Halls of Mind, combine “Westerbrook had access to poison” and “George Cavendish made a duplicate key.”
You will learn that Cavendish lives somewhere in Advent. You can get the exact address in the town hall archive. You need to search according to the following criteria: subjects – local residents, register – act records, district – Advent. Now you need to come to the received address to the following place:
Cavendish’s apartment
Look for a second apartment there. Shoot the lock on the door and examine the professor’s house. Find the ring on the table, and also study the articles on the bulletin board. Next, look for another locked door. Inside, turn on concentration mode and examine the photo frame. After that, a portal to the past should appear. Place the events in the following sequence: central table – large dining table – door. Then the hero will lose consciousness and the cut-scene will begin.
As a result, Cavendish will find the hero, and you can find out the truth. Then decide whether to help him or shoot him. In our playthrough, the choice fell on the latter. Then you can connect the fragments in the Halls of Mind as follows:
• “The number of TJD supporters is growing” – “Poisoning is sabotage”
• “Anna got pregnant at the request of TOD” – “The guard is afraid of Anna”
• “Crimes of which TOD is suspected” – “A secret room in a warehouse”
When you come to Anna, she will direct you to the basement, where three members of the TOD will attack you. First, we advise you to kill the central enemy, since he has small arms. Going outside, Fred will speak to you, who wants to escape from TOD. Then return to Throgmorton.
Fathers and Sons
After speaking with Robert, head to the archives of your local newspaper, where you can search for the following criteria: period – post-flood, topic – announcements, area – Salvation Harbor. As a result, you will get the location of the bar. It is located here: Going there, talk to the bartender, but he will ask you to do you a favor. You need to find the courier at the following location.

Once there, get ready to fight the jumper. Wait for the throw, and when he is lying in front of you, shoot him at the weak spot on his back. This will save you ammo. Then go down to the basement, where you will study the evidence and develop an illusory wall. By picking up a box of whiskey, you can go back in time. Place your memories in the following order: illusory wall – bandits near the stairs – bandits in the middle of the room – execution. Then go back to the bartender and talk about what happened. Listen carefully to the answer of the bartender, it will still come in handy. At the end, the bartender will direct you to the following location:

Entering the alley, you will meet bandits. Answer their question the way the bartender said. In this case, you will be led to the boss, who will entrust you with an investigation. Search the building as there are many valuable items in it. In the basement, you can examine the mirror of the murdered woman. Then go to the mansion, which is in the following place:
Carpenter Mansion
Before entering the mansion, talk to the security and ask for a job. In the mansion, go down to the basement and look for an empty bag of potatoes, near which you can turn on the concentration. Next, follow the silhouettes until you reach the thief. You can take the bag or leave the poor man alone. Report the incident to the guard and he will give a pass to the boss on the second floor. The desired character is in the left room, which will forgive the poor man. Then go to another room. The door will be closed, but you can enter the concentration mode and walk to the key. After opening the door, talk to the boss copy and examine the safe. Then you can go to the poor man and give the medicine.
After completing business in the mansion, connect the fragments in the Halls of Mind:
• The Smuggler’s Boss is a Cruel Tyrant and Brutus Wants to Be Better
• “Graham Wants to Change His Family” – “Carpenters Help the Poor”
Next, head to the Crematorium.
Take the boat to Crematorium Go down to the first floor inside. After finding the locked door and reading the note, go to another room, where you will find the key and the journal on the table. Then go down to the lower floor and study all the evidence. Be especially careful with a shovel, since you need to look not only at the handle, but also at the handle in the slime. After that, a portal to the past will open. Arrange the fragments in the following order: table on the floor above – awakening – hit with a shovel – silhouette near the wall. Finally, in the Halls of Mind, combine the “Shift Schedule in the Crematorium” and “Brutus stunned the crematorium worker.” Next, go to the hospital.
In the archive, look for a clue by the following criteria: subjects – patients, period – after the flood, department – therapy. Then go up to the second floor and talk to the employee of the crematorium. Then connect the following fragments in the Halls of Mind: “The hallways wanted Brutus to be cremated” – “Brutus’s meeting with the priest.”
To find a church, go to the university library and use the archive. Search by the following criteria: theme – religion, period – XVII-XIX century, region – nearest locality. This will find the address of the church.
Church of the Atonement
Once there, examine the center of the altar with concentration. There you will find a strange creature, and your mind will drop to 0, which will cause ghost monsters to appear that need to be killed. Next, find two statues on the first floor and examine them in concentration. Another statue will be on the second floor. Then go down to the basement and look for evidence. In particular, you need to find a corpse, a note on the floor, a spacesuit, and mucus. After that, a portal to the past will open. Connect the fragments in the following order: prayer on the second floor – meeting on the first – mention of the crematorium in the basement – divers.
In the Halls of Mind, connect the following: “All documents were taken from the church” – “The sectarians hid under the church.” Then go to the spacesuit and get down under the water. At the bottom, enter the concentration mode, develop the illusion and go along the cave. The light bulbs will be your guide. As soon as you see a green glow, go there.
Inside, talk to the cultist to start a battle with the boss: a strange creature that spits bombs. Also, you are attacked by sectarians, but they are the easiest to shoot. To kill a creature, throw bombs at it, which it spews out. If you hit it, monsters will appear. You can also throw grenades at them. To kill the creature itself, you need about 10 rolls. At the same time, constantly move so as not to fall under explosions and spitting with poison.
After defeating the boss, examine the book in front of the hole in the floor, and also find the letter near the three naked cultists. Then connect the following fragments in the Halls of Mind:
• “The Church Can Control Graham” – “This is a sect, not a church”
• “Graham made a deal with the churchmen” – “The parishioners wanted Brutus to be cremated”
Then return to the spacesuit and surface.
Next, go to Brutus. Either you can tell him about your son, or kill him, but in this case, get ready to fight with a bunch of guards. Then tell Graham that you killed his father, and then he will agree to organize an exit from the city. In the first case, Brutus will do it. Now return to Fred and he will tell you that you need to meet with Blackwood.
Steep dive
Swim to the side of the boat and go through the hole in the wall. Get ready to fight two well-armed people. Then inspect the crime scene and look for letters. Don’t miss the knife on one of the bodies! Next, a portal to the past will open. Memories alternate as follows: the crowd on the second floor on the stairs – Blackwood’s kidnapping on the second floor – Blackwood is taken out of the building – Innsmouth’s murder. In the Halls of Mind, we combine “Not the first, and not the last” and “Assassins in the hoods”.
You can find out about the attackers in the archives of the police station. We are looking for a clue according to the following criteria: crimes against a person, subjects – victims, evidence – instruments of crime. The information received will direct you to the Orion Club:
Orion Club
Immediately we advise you to prepare enough cartridges, as there will be many monsters inside. After entering the club, go down to the floor below, where you will see a wounded human member. You can give him a first aid kit, and in return you will receive cartridges. Next to this person, enter the concentration mode and develop an illusory wall nearby. After you inspect the Innsmutz and follow the silhouette of a crow. Look up to see a hole in the ceiling that you can climb into.
Follow the crow and examine all the evidence, including the interrogation of Blackwood, and in the end you will find yourself on the floor above. Shoot down all the castles. Climbing to the very top, you will find an imperial mage and you can talk to him. We advise you to recover to the maximum, as a shootout will begin, where he is armed with a shotgun along with his comrade. After the fight, examine all the remaining evidence. In the Halls of Mind, combine “Blackwood and the Professor” and “Blackwood and Doe’s correspondence.” Then head to the hideout located here:

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