Complete Minecraft guide: cheats, commands, skins, potions and more

Complete guide to Minecraft, the popular Mojang video game available on PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft: complete guide

Minecraft is an adventure and exploration video game with a strong sandbox component that allows us to create practically everything we can imagine. It was officially launched in 2011. It has been developed by Mojang, and is available on many platforms: PC , PS3 , PS Vita , PS4 , Xbox 360 , Xbox One , Wii U , Nintendo 3DS , Nintendo Switch , and devices Android and iOS. We leave some other platforms for which it is no longer supported, such as Windows Phone. It is a huge game with practically infinite possibilities; In our complete guide we will try to cover the most important.

Minecraft basics and extras

In Minecraft we have infinite worlds at our disposal to do what we want

In this section of our complete Minecraft guide we will talk about its basic concepts, as well as various utilities such as how to use cheats using the command system , or how to install mods .

  • All Minecraft console commands and cheats

Advanced Minecraft tutorials

Advanced tutorials allow you to build all kinds of useful artifacts

In this section of our Minecraft guide we will talk about several of its most advanced concepts, such as redstone circuits, with which we can generate different types of automatisms such as traps, generators, and farms with different resources.

This section is currently under construction.

Minecraft – Survival Mode

Collect, build and explore: Adventure Mode has a lot to offer

Here we will focus on helping you survive in Survival Mode , and tell you, step by step, what you must do to complete Minecraft . From getting our first wooden tools to taking down the Ender Dragon.

This section is currently under construction.

Minecraft – Creative Mode

Creative Mode offers us many possibilities

The Creative Mode of Minecraft is basically a God mode in which we have all the resources of the game available in unlimited quantities to do whatever we want with them. However, it has its details, which we detail in this section.


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