Complete guide to casinos in Peru

This time, we will take a tour of the range of casinos that Peru has to offer. We will walk through some of its most emblematic cities. We will stop at the best places for you to enjoy casino games.

What should I know about casinos in Peru?

  1. History of casinos in Peru
  2. Most popular casino games in Peru
    1. Poker
    2. Black Jack
    3. Slot machines or slots
    4. Point and Banking
    5. Roulette
    6. Baccarat, Mini Baccarat or Chemin de Fer
    7. I said no
  3. The best casinos in Peru
    1. Casinos in Lima
    2. Casino Fiesta
    3. Golden Palace Casino
    4. Atlantic City Casino
    5. Luckia Casino
    6. Majestic Casino
    7. Casino La Hacienda
  4. Casinos in Arequipa
    1. Casino Villa Fortuna
    2. Joker Casino
    3. Casino Deluxe Arequipa
  5. Casinos in Trujillo
    1. Coliseum
    2. Royal palace
  6. Casinos in Cusco
    1. Mystic Slot Cusco
    2. Even and Odd
  7. Casinos in Chiclayo
    1. Las Musas Hotel & Casino
    2. Royal Casino
    3. Hotel Casino Winmeier
    4. Las Vegas Casino
  8. Casinos in Tacna
    1. Casino Villa Fortuna
    2. Military Casino
    3. Casino Damascus
  9. Online casinos, the alternative to physical casinos
    1. Pasapalabra, the most popular game
    2. Roulette – play live with real dealers!
    3. Learn to play and have fun with Online Bingo
  10. Peruvian tax on casino games and slot machines (ISC)
  11. conclusion

History of casinos in Peru

Although casino games have been regulated since 1979, it was not until 1990 that the installation of slot machines was authorized in Peru.

The game has always generated controversy in this country, since other games of chance, such as horse racing, or bingo, are not regulated. Users have long demanded the existence of a supervisory body.

Most popular casino games in Peru

The most popular games in Peru are many of the classic casino games, although with some peculiarities. Let’s see!


This traditional game is very popular in Peru. In recent years, it has been growing in its Texas Hold’em and Omaha versions, which have become one of the most sought after when it comes to betting.

Black Jack

This card game that requires skill and strategy, brings together players from across the globe, and Peru is no exception. Every year, thousands and thousands of people come to enjoy this game in Inca territory.

Slot machines or slots

A classic for all types of players. In the casinos of Peru, you can try your luck in slots of all kinds of themes and designs. Fun is assured!

Point and Banking

It is one of the most widespread versions of baccarat. A pure gambling game where you can become more than just a spectator.


This is probably the quintessential casino game. In all the casinos in Peru, both American and European roulette bring together thousands of players every year, who enjoy the adrenaline rush of being given randomly.

Baccarat, Mini Baccarat or Chemin de Fer

Baccarat, often confused with Punto Banco, is an attraction that you will not always be able to enjoy, as it has been slowly displaced from current land-based casinos. You can try the version with fewer players, Mini Baccarat, or Chemin de Fer, an advanced version of baccarat in which the bank passes from one player to another.

I said no

This game, similar to lottery or bingo, is present in all casinos in Peru and is characterized by being very entertaining and dynamic. It is the family game par excellence.

The best casinos in Peru

Are you ready to take a tour of the best casinos in Peru? Join us to visit the most attractive cities in this wonderful country to surrender to luck in the live casinos .

Casinos in Lima

Lima has a very rich and varied offer when it comes to casino games. It is, in fact, the main gambling center in the country. The casinos in Miraflores are part of the charms of this famous district of Lima. Miraflores thus becomes one of the most attractive places for those who seek entertainment from casino games.

Casino Fiesta

Not only does this casino offer a wide range of games, it also allows you to enjoy live entertainment in an incredible setting. You can also access sporting events and shows through a giant screen. It is located in the exclusive district of Miraflores, overlooking the sea and surrounded by colorful parks.

Golden Palace Casino

A casino in Lima of the most emblematic, now with a modern design. It has more than 800 slot machines and 30 table games. In Casino Golden Palace you can also enjoy live shows and an exclusive oriental food room.

Atlantic City Casino

One of the most elegant and distinguished casinos in Miraflores. It is an intimate space with sophisticated attention, where you can take advantage of a varied gastronomic menu, as well as excellent options in games, of course.

Luckia Casino

Located in MegaPlaza, the Luckia Casino is a great place to spend an unforgettable moment in good company. It has a great variety of games and a tempting gastronomic proposal based on regional products.

Majestic Casino

It is located on the first floor of the imposing JW Marriot Hotel Lima, and is another of the most prominent casinos in Miraflores. It offers a wide variety of slots and tables, as well as an exquisite five-fork restaurant.

Casino La Hacienda

Belonging to La Hacienda Hotel & Casino, this boutique hotel , just 20 minutes from the airport, stands out for its cozy and quiet atmosphere. It has a great variety of games and is distinguished by a gastronomy that resists the most exquisite palates.

Casinos in Arequipa

Arequipa is not far behind in options of unsurpassed quality when it comes to betting. And it is that this tourist Peruvian city knows how to entertain its visitors. Join us to get to know some of the best casinos in Arequipa.

Casino Villa Fortuna

It is the most central casino. Located in the Historic Center of the City of Arequipa, it offers its visitors a very good service and guaranteed fun thanks to its modern facilities.

Joker Casino

An excellent option to enjoy with friends, not only games and slots, but also incredible live shows. Plus, meals are served 24 hours a day so you don’t have to interrupt the fun for a single moment.

Casino Deluxe Arequipa

It is located in an exclusive area of ​​the Cayma district. It stands out for its kind attention, for a wide variety of games and for its exquisite gastronomic offer. A perfect place to go with someone.

Casinos in Trujillo

Trujillo is characterized by a wide range of options when it comes to casino games. Come to know some of the most exclusive places where you can have fun gambling.


With an unbeatable location, this casino is also distinguished by its variety of games and its extensive gastronomic menu.

Royal palace

An option to enjoy with friends in a small and cozy place. What is said: “a place of long life in Trujillo”.

Casinos in Cusco

One of the most touristic cities, not only in Peru, but in the world, could not fail to have an attractive offer of casino games. Let’s take a tour of some of the best places to gamble and have fun in Cusco.

Mystic Slot Cusco

With more than 70 slot machines, Mystic Slot Cusco is, without a doubt, one of the preferred casinos for lovers of this entertaining game. Here you will find from the classic slots to the most modern versions.

Even and Odd

Located in a privileged place, the Historic Center of the city, this space has the best slot machines and game tables to ensure a fun and pleasant experience, always with the best attention.

Casinos in Chiclayo

What better way to enjoy casino games to the fullest than to do it near the Pacific coast and its beautiful beaches! And speaking of casinos near the beach, let’s meet some of its best exponents in the great city of Chiclayo.

Las Musas Hotel & Casino

It receives this name for being in front of the famous Paseo de las Musas. A few kilometers from the airport, Las Musas has a modern infrastructure to ensure a superior quality stay, surrounded by the best entertainment. You can also take advantage of an exquisite gastronomic range.

Royal Casino

Ideally located, this casino offers distinguished service and a wide range of games. In addition, you can choose between several dishes to taste.

Hotel Casino Winmeier

This elegant space was designed for comprehensive entertainment: lodging, Italian-Peruvian fusion food, a wide variety of casino games and a service characterized by its kindness.

Las Vegas Casino

A very good option to enjoy a lot of games with your friends, in a cozy space and with a cordial treatment.

Casinos in Tacna

Also known as the “Heroic City”, Tacna hosts a good variety of entertainment in casino games. Let’s get to know some of its most representative places.

Casino Villa Fortuna

Located in the Historic Center, this casino provides a formidable service for those looking to relax and entertain themselves in this beautiful city. With modern facilities and warm attention, this casino stands out for its quality.

Military Casino

The Military Casino offers a cozy and quiet space to have fun at any time and in good company.

Casino Damascus

An excellent option for family fun: a wide range of games, along with attention that stands out for its high level.

Online casinos, the alternative to physical casinos

For several years, the online casino has been a great alternative to the physical casino, and in the current context, even more so. In this sense, Bodog is the ideal way to play virtually, since you can access the same games that you would access in land-based casinos. And all this, in the comfort of your home.

We are facing some of the best alternatives to play online casino from Peru. These are some games that make a difference as a unique experience. Have you already seen the best live entertainment alternatives?


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