Comparison: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X

The long-awaited Microsoft conference has already been held at E3 2017 . All eyes were pointing directly to the Xbox event and the presentation of the one known until now as Project Scorpio. Phil Spencer , head of the gaming division of the Americans, was commissioned to usher in an exciting video that ended up revealing the trade name of the new console: Xbox One X . From the beginning, Microsoft warned that it wanted to end the generations of consoles as we know them today, and therefore, this new machine will be fully compatible with Xbox One games , just as Sony already did with its PS4 Pro. However, if there is something that differentiates Xbox One X from PS4 Pro, we talk about the power offered by Microsoft’s bet.

But surely many of you have the following questions. Will we really notice an obvious graphical jump? Is the outlay justified? Will all companies dedicate development time to get the most out of Xbox One X? . Well, then we are going to try to solve all these doubts that may arise if you are owners of a standard PS4 or a PS4 Pro.

Is it worth paying 499 euros for Xbox One X? Is the difference so superior?

The vitaminized model of PlayStation 4 went on sale last November, and as we all know, in the world of technology, advances can be impressive in just months. Therefore, if you are users of the Sony console, it is normal that Xbox One X is more powerful when arriving a year later . It happens with computers, tablets, mobiles, televisions, it is something logical. However, PS4 Pro offers a better value for money for the majority of the public who are fond of this video game, since for 399 euros (although a significant reduction is expected in the coming days), we will have a machine with a power that offers something similar to Xbox One X, which can be purchased from November 7 at a recommended price of 499 euros.

Let’s talk about the hardware: CPU, Graphics and RAM

PS4 Pro has an 8-core processor (CPU) clocked at 2.13 Ghz. For its part, Xbox One X also mounts an 8-core CPU but at a clock speed of 2.3 Ghz. As you can see, both consoles mount a fairly similar processor , so there is no real generational leap, so we can talk about an update halfway to the next generation of consoles.

In short, in this aspect we will practically not notice differences between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Where if a greater difference is appreciated is in the graphics (GPU) , since Microsoft has had to design its new platform with a great technical muscle because it wants to move all games to a native 4K resolution and for this, it has also integrated higher bandwidth on your unified memory.

Xbox One X incorporates a GPU with a performance of 6 TFLOPs and 326 GB / s of bandwidth for its 12 GB of unified GDDR5 memory, while the GPU of the PS4 Pro performs at a remarkable 4.12 TFLOPs, and 8 GB of GDDR5 unified memory have a bandwidth of 218 GB / s.

Next, we leave you a final comparative table with all the hardware offered by both machines:


Xbox One X PS4 Pro
CPU:  8 Cores at 2.3 GHz CPU:  8 Cores at 2.13 GHz
GPU:  6 TFLOPs GPU:  4.12 TFLOPs
Memory:  12GB GDDR5 Memory:  8GB GDDR5
Bandwidth:  326 GB / s Bandwidth:  218 GB / s


Last conclusions

In summary, as you can see, both Sony and Microsoft have designed two consoles where power shines, being Xbox One X the only one capable of running all games at native 4K , but yes, at a premium price that not all pockets are willing to fork out . Microsoft has not tired of repeating on many occasions that its new console is intended for the most demanding user, who wants to enjoy the best possible version of games and take advantage of its 4K screen.

But on the other hand, PS4 Pro is still the best option for the player who wants to enjoy 4K resolution and does not care if they are really native or dynamic , he just wants his game to look spectacular. That PS4 Pro fulfills it perfectly, the price is much more attractive (399 euros) and it has first party games that take advantage of the technical capacity of Sony’s vitaminized model. Can Xbox One X say the same? Only time will tell, as currently the main achilles tendon of the Xbox division is its internal studies and the lack of exclusive development , although many want to believe that they are not important for the end user.

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