Why should all companies make a marketing plan?

On many occasions, I find that there is great confusion about what the marketing plan really is and what it consists of. To clarify doubts, we could define it, as the realization of a written document, which allows in a systematic and structured way, the definition of the objectives to be met in a certain period of time and the actions necessary to meet those objectives.
The marketing plan begins with the description of the internal and external situation of the company, to continue with the corresponding analysis of the information collected. The next phase consists of determining the marketing objectives to be met and the strategies necessary for this. Finally, these strategies are specified through marketing actions and their subsequent control.
Now that we have seen its definition and we know what it consists of, we will see why every company, regardless of its size or sector, should carry out its own plan.

The main reason, why a marketing plan should be made, is because it helps to achieve the general objectives of the company, which are related to the market , such as: attracting new customers, creating a brand, loyalty of customers, increased turnover or increased market share.

The marketing plan also manages to create real commitments by the marketing and commercial department. In addition to helping, motivate the team for its proper compliance.

Another of the main reasons for its realization is the power to unite and create a team, since it has a great collaborative and participatory nature. This reason is vital, since I cannot conceive of a winning company without a united and committed team.
In addition, the marketing plan with its long-term vision sets a path to follow, which serves as a guide for the entire company.

Finally, the marketing plan, like any planning document, thanks to its action guides, helps prevent possible errors. Also, if unforeseen events arise, we could solve them with greater agility, which would translate into an optimization of time and costs.

In short, the marketing plan should be a mandatory document for all companies, where the size or the sector to which they belong should stop being excuses for not doing it. Since, although they do not want or ignore it, all companies do marketing, and it is preferable to do it in an orderly, systematic and structured way, to leave as few elements as possible to chance.


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