Communication & love: 10 Phrases much more important than “I love you”

Certainly saying “I love you” is important. This shows that you are aware that your partner needs to hear you say these three simple words.

It is also a sign that you yourself need to say them out loud to feel more connected to your other half.

A deep and sincere love binds you and you want to share all these emotions. Besides, when you feel so much positivity, why deprive yourself?

But, love is not enough to make a relationship work. Communication and respect are key elements for longevity and survival.

It is important to show his / her partner that you are also grateful to have him / her in your life, for everything he or she does for you and the experiences you have together.

A little word of support, thanks, or gratitude doesn’t hurt. Moreover, it can even allow you to erase some doubts that your partner might have.

“I love you”, yes… But, not only. Show him that you respect him or her and that you are aware of all the efforts he or she makes for your relationship.

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The 10 phrases that will allow you to talk about the extent of the feelings you have for your partner

So, now that we understand that love is not the only important element for a happy married life, what do we still need?

Your partner really doesn’t ask for much. He or she only wants to know that you appreciate everything he or she does for you and your relationship.

Your partner also wants to be sure that you are seriously engaged in your relationship and that you have no plans to look elsewhere.

It is therefore important to tell him that you see all of his qualities and that you are proud of the person he or she is.

Reassure him / her that you have chosen him / her and that you don’t intend to disappear overnight.

To help you in your task, I have prepared a list of 10 key phrases that are more important to your relationship than the standard “I love you”.

1. “I am grateful to have you”.

“I’m lucky to have you” is another way of telling your partner that your life has been so much better since he or she has been part of your life.

Without this person, your existence would be totally different. Maybe you would even be unhappy / unhappy.

So a simple “I’m grateful to have you” can have a huge impact on your relationship.

This way, you let your other half know that you appreciate all that he or she has brought to your life.

You tell her that you are aware of the changes you yourself have made in your home so that you can be happy together.

2. “I like you”.

Your partner deserves to know that you value their presence and value as an individual.

It is important to make him understand that you love every aspect of his personality and that his flaws in no way affect all of his qualities.

“I like you” is a phrase you often forget to say to your partner, but it has a very deep meaning.

It means that you have great respect for the person he or she is.

3. “I am proud of you”.

Whatever your other half is doing, make sure you let them know that you are happy for him or her.

Tell him or her how proud you are of the results he or she has achieved. Don’t skimp on compliments and show him or her that you knew he or she would be successful.

“I am proud of you” is a phrase that nourishes the soul. Your partner will find that he or she can count on you.

Then your other half will know for sure that you really care about what he or she does. And, she will also know that you will be by her side for her future successes but also her potential failures.

4. “I respect you”.

In love, we tend to forget that respect is essential. We respect our boss or parents, but sometimes we fail to do the same with our partner.

Saying “I respect you” is showing your partner that he or she is very valuable to you. You are aware of his qualities and talents.

Your other half has the right to know that you appreciate them, admire them and that you recognize all the good that they bring into your life.

You don’t feel obligated to offer him your respect but you know he or she deserves it so you’re happy to do it.

Without a solid foundation of respect, no romantic relationship can withstand the ravages of time.

5. “I trust you”.

If you tend to be jealous / jealous or if you’ve ever been hurt by your ex-partner, you probably have a hard time trusting the person who shares your life.

But, if your current partner is showing love, dignity and respect, you need to show them that you are aware of their efforts.

On top of that, you have to trust him. And, “I trust you” is the best way to tell the other person that you are comfortable in your romantic relationship.

With these few words, you tell him or her that you know that he or she is going to remain faithful to you and that you have faith in his judgment.

You trust him or her enough not to worry as soon as he or she goes out of sight, and you know that this person is going to make the best possible decisions for your relationship.

6. “I recognize everything you do”.

It is extremely important to let the person who shares your life understand that they are important to you.

“I recognize your worth” is a powerful message of love, respect and gratitude. This helps him understand that his words and actions are important to you.

With this simple sentence, you tell him or her that you believe in him or her and that you are on an equal footing.

7. “I understand”.

When it comes to communication, sometimes all your partner is looking for is to be understood.

By saying “I understand” you are showing your partner that you are not just listening to what he or she is saying.

You do hear his or her words and understand why he or she got angry or why he or she reacted disproportionately.

Communication must be a real exchange and the two partners should come out of a discussion with solutions and not more problems.

8. “I support you”.

Here, we are talking about financial support, but not only. Far from it… “I support you” means that you are there for your partner to help them financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your partner needs to know that you are supporting their goals, dreams and desires. You are the pillar that strengthens its foundations.

Whatever that person is going through, you have to be there for them. You are a team and if one of you isn’t feeling well, the other can’t be either.

“I support you” means that you are there to listen to him, to give him advice and to help him to let go of his burden.

9. “I forgive you”.

To forgive is far, far from easy. Especially if your partner has done something that has hurt you deeply.

But, to say “I forgive you” and to mean it sincerely is the only way to move forward and not let the hurts of the past control you.

Forgive him or her for what he or she has done or for what he or she is going to do. Sometimes those three words are all your romantic relationship needs to start healing from the inside out.

10. “I belong to you”.

It is important that the person sharing your life is aware that you are truly, and seriously, committed to your romantic relationship.

You don’t want to leave him or her and you don’t intend to run away. Why ?

Because your partner occupies an important place in your life. Of course… but not only!

“I belong to you” means that you are not going to let him or her down because you cannot imagine living in a world without this person.

It gives a sense of security to the person sharing your life. He or she knows then that you will stay by his side no matter what.

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Communication is a couple’s lifeline

If your romantic relationship seems stable and peaceful, it is surely because you are both able to communicate effectively.

What does that mean ? Quite simply, you can sit down and talk openly, without fear of judgment, about what is bothering you.

You can show off your personal issues or the obstacles your relationship is going through. You are also able to share your emotions freely without appearing to be clingy, depressed or crazy.

For you, then, communication has become a daily routine and you surely do not understand why other couples do not make this habit.

You are aware of its importance. In fact, it hasn’t always been easy to talk and share your innermost thoughts.

But, together, you have created a climate of trust and free space for difficult and emotional conversations.

This does not mean that you have no problem or that all discussions are peaceful.

But at least you make the effort to try to communicate as well as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary temper tantrums.

You know that all problems have a solution and that couples who do not speak cannot survive the various obstacles that life throws in their face.

Besides, you have a hard time understanding how some of your friends are still in a relationship when you can clearly see that the level of communication in their relationship is close to nothing.

How can people who are unable to exchange ideas, opinions, or disagreements maintain a romantic relationship?

I’ll tell you how. They don’t. The definition of a romantic relationship for these people is very different from yours and mine.

To be clear: without communication, there is no respect. Without respect, there is no loyalty. Without loyalty there is no love. Everything is based on communication.

So where there is no communication, there is no couple. People lie to themselves and they justify their partner’s actions by saying it’s due to stress or fatigue.

Instead of sitting down and talking openly about any issues they may be having, they prefer to hide them under the rug.

They think their problems will go away on their own. No ! Over time, they will only increase. And, the frustration with! We become less and less tolerant and more and more irritable.

There is no shortcut or miracle recipe to hijack communication within the couple. Either you are able to speak openly or you are not.

I would like to point out, however, that just because communicating and sharing emotions makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean that you are not able to learn to deal with this stress.

If you really want to be happy as a couple, you have to make an effort to be more outgoing and sincere with your other half.

A phrase like “I trust you” or “I am proud of you” means nothing to you, but it gives a feeling of security to the person you love.

You can say “I love you” as many times as you want. If your words aren’t followed by concrete action and genuine proof, they’re just empty promises.

Moreover, to help you better manage this delicate part, I suggest you take a look at the following eight points.

What I am discussing below are the essential pillars of respectful and effective communication.

If you are, for example, afraid of hurting the other by being too sincere, or if you are afraid of not knowing how to stick to the given topic without letting your emotions take over, I will help. proposes to read the following text.

This will allow you to always have these few tips in mind and to be sure to communicate with respect and tolerance.

1. What is the problem?

First and foremost, you need to be able to identify the source of your relationship’s problem. You need to understand why your partner is feeling uncomfortable.

Only once you find the source of the disagreement or the sadness can you prove to your other half that it is possible to change the situation.

2. Don’t get angry and try to control your emotions.

It’s easy to blame someone else, but if you can’t make yourself understood it is as much your fault as your partner’s.

To communicate effectively, you shouldn’t let your emotions get the best of you. Keep your nerves and anger under control. Take a breath or two of oxygen before speaking, for example.

3. Listening is an essential phase.

The one who “wins” a dialogue is not the one who has spoken the most. He is the one who listened the most and who therefore managed to find the best repartees.

Everyone has a right to the answer so listen to your partner’s arguments because it will be easier for you to contradict or support them.

Listening is also proof that you are ready to resolve your conflicts and make things better between you.

4. What does he or she expect from me?

This is THE question you need to ask yourself before starting a discussion. The idea here is not to assume anything.

But, to do analyze the situation and find out the real reason behind this conversation. If you can’t figure it out on your own, ask your other half directly.

5. When a communication problem arises, stay positive / positive!

The emotional state of the interlocutor is an essential element that must be taken into account during a conversation.

Whatever problem presents itself to you, you need to stay positive / positive. This will allow you to tackle even difficult topics and make your partner understand that a solution still exists.

6. Be clear in the message you are trying to communicate.

It is very easy to let a misunderstanding set in. Everyone interprets the words in their own way. So check if your other half has understood your message as you thought to deliver it.

Repeat your monologue if necessary and do not hesitate to change the words to see if your partner will react. This is indisputable proof for you that he or she understood what you were saying.

7. Tailor your speech and attitude to the topic of the conversation.

Depending on the message you want to get across and the interest of the discussion, you need to change your attitude.

There is no need to get carried away and offer a long monologue about the irritation your partner causes when he or she forgets to buy bread.

Important topics deserve to be treated differently. Financial problems, infidelity, depression, etc… are important topics.

Boring little quirks are not!

8. Keep a little garden a secret!

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to share EVERYTHING. Still, you must avoid lying.

And, if you choose to keep your personal issues to yourself, you need to accept that your partner is doing the same.

Moreover, in certain areas such as past love or sexual performance, it is better to keep quiet!


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