How to have a colorful friendship without complications?

Having a colorful friendship can be incredible fun. After all, it’s a chance for easy sex, without strings attached, but that involves someone you trust and that allows you to experience more in bed. But if the agreement between those involved is not very well defined, be careful! The situation can become confusing and end in broken friendships and with a lot of hurt. Want to know how to have a colorful friendship without complications?

In this post we will talk about:

  • How to find a partner for colorful friendship
  • Colorful friendship and new sexual experiences
  • The rules for maintaining a healthy colorful friendship

How to find a partner for colorful friendship

Colorful friendship is a term that is already in the dictionary, you know? And it means something like “a relationship that contains sexual interactions, but without the presence of a feeling”. This concept covers countries and regions in the world.

Regardless of where it goes, a part of the meaning of the term is essential: colorful friendship does not have the presence of feeling . This increasingly common arrangement is based on the premise that those involved want a sexual relationship, but without the intensity and work involved in maintaining a traditional relationship or even the required fidelity.

One of the big mistakes when facing this possibility is the idea that the other person must necessarily be a friend. Despite the name, it can be the neighbor you keep browsing through the window, an acquaintance of a friend, a father from your children’s school, or a nice guy you met on a social networking site or dating app. In short, it has to be someone that arouses interest and a lot of sexual desire, but not someone that you would like to be sharing decisions and thinking about the future.

Colorful friendship can arise when you are not in the mood to commit, but you miss physical contact or because you are single by choice or undergoing a divorce and want to start your sex life over , or even just wanting to try something new.

The essential thing is to ensure that the two are with the same intentions. It is useless to start a colorful friendship believing that it will become a relationship. If that’s your intention, friend, run away because the chances of you getting hurt are very high.

Colorful friendship and new sexual experiences

Maintaining a sexual relationship without so many demands and expectations is a great way to innovate and seek other forms of pleasure . Imagine with me: you can test that position you’ve always wanted, relax without worrying about your body and, at times, even be selfish.

But it is important for me to stress that this cannot be the rule. The two involved in a colorful friendship are there to feel pleasure and it’s not cool to leave empty-handed, always, right?

The rules for maintaining a healthy colorful friendship

The line between a colorful friendship and a relationship is tenuous and, therefore, requires some basic care so that no one has feelings exchanged and begins to demand attention or explanations that do not fit in the relationship.

– Never maintain a colorful friendship with someone committed. So that no one gets hurt in this relationship it is essential that everyone is available and single.

– Avoid relationships with co-workers. Do you know that old saying “You don’t eat where you get bread”? Yeah. If the relationship evolves for one person and ends up in confusion, having to face that person at work every day may not be the ideal scenario.

– Make everything clear at all times. The rules of colorful friendship are flexible and must be agreed between those involved. But I would like to warn you that they must be done verbally. Leaving implicit rules and contexts can be a source of complication in the future.

– If the feeling is beginning to appear, end it.

– Having a spaced frequency of meetings helps not to confuse situations. The common thing is that the exits happen once a week, once a month or when there is that unpretentious little call.

– Colorful friendships are for sex. Inviting your partner to the cinema, going out with friends or even a day at the beach is not recommended.

– Always have safe sex. Just as you can be seeing other guys, so can he. Protect yourself.

Having a colorful friendship is something very interesting that can help you loosen up in bed and seek new types of pleasure. But it is important to always keep communication sincere and very direct to avoid problems in the future. With everything clarified, enjoy!

by Abdullah Sam
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