Color Phone APK: Change the wallpaper on calls

There are apps that allow you to customize any parameter of our terminal. It is the wonder of being Android, since other platforms such as iOS do not have these characteristics. The Color Phone APK achieves that customization on the wallpaper when we have an incoming call.

We say APK because it is no longer in the Play Store, although in the past it was available. However, it is very easy to get the app and install it on our device. In this way, the app will give calls much more dynamism, since the typical default background that all terminals have will not jump when a phone call comes in.


Color Phone: Variety of backgrounds to personalize calls

The app itself doesn’t have a lot of research. As soon as we open the interface, we find the entire collection of funds available in the application, which is explored with vertical downward swipes. The variety is quite extensive , with backgrounds of different themes and very creative designs, although the list is not endless, since at the bottom we have a button to delete the call screen that we have applied.

But the thing is not there, and it is that we can add funds in the call that come from the gallery. Also, we can choose between photos and videos, so animated backgrounds can be applied when they call us. But it is also that it integrates a camera to take a photo from the app and set it as the background, without having to leave the interface.

Few other things can be highlighted. The operation is more than correct , despite the fact that it is an external APK and warn that it is not updated because it belongs to previous Android versions. On the other hand, it does not have ads and there are no limits on funds, of which it shows a preview to see how it would look on the screen. Finally, it has a drop-down side menu in which we have to activate the LED flash on an incoming call to serve as an animation.

An app that was previously available on the Play Store

The Color Phone APK has not always been outside the jurisdiction of Google Play. Until a while ago it was available in the store, but it was decided to eliminate like so many other apps that are expelled by Google. The reasons, although unknown, can be assumed by the permissions it requires. Remember that it requires access to the phone , contacts and storage, and that Google Play does not like much.

Without a doubt, it is not a block by the developer, since the creator of this app at the time was GOMO Limited, owner of GoLauncher EX that continues to be one of the best third-party launchers and most demanded by users on Android.


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