Color mystery: How do we see color?

If the red roses suddenly turn black, if the leaves of the tree become white, the white color of the white becomes red, then how do you think? What will be the rose of love, what or what will be white! Huge trouble. Red roses will lose all its applications, people will fail to find the leaves of the tree. A lot can be done for a little color or color change. It is desirable to have the correct color of the right object. And our eyes and brain play the most important role in seeing this color.

How does the color of our brain create feelings? Do we know about all colors?

Color monitoring is done by the eyes and brain of the human being together from shoulder to shoulder. Our eyes and brain unite and translate light into color. The light sensory cells inside the eyes send messages to our brain through the nerves. That is, these photosensitive cells act as postpones and nerves act as postpones. Just as the Dakpion takes the letter to us, and after we receive the letter, we have different emotions (laughter, tears, etc.), just as the light sensory nerve sends a message to the brain, our brain then creates a feeling of color in us.

The retina in our eyes is covered by millions of photosensitive cells. Some of these cells are rod cells, while some cells are angle cells. These photosensitive nerves cause nerve stimulation in our brain and send it into the brain cortex through the optic nerve (visual nerve). This is how we actually feel the color.

Whose head was the first to study color?

After discovering the apple on Newton’s head, he discovers just how much the world has been shaking. Interestingly, this is the first research done by Newton. He observed that color is not a specific feature of an object, it is not a separate object. How is this possible? So the color of the apple that we see in red, is not the color red?

In fact, if light falls on the surface or surface of an object, if the object absorbs all of the light and does not absorb a certain color, then we see the object as a color.

That being said, there is no red color in the apple. When light hits the surface or bottom of the apple, the apple’s surface absorbs all the colors except red, and reflects the red color. So we see the apple in red. We actually thought by looking at this reflected light that the apple was red. By that I mean, we are actually cheating on a regular basis. Because the apple is not red, Apple is releasing it only because it cannot absorb the red color. And then we see the apple in red.

Color type – How many colors are there?

Color is of two types – basic color and compound color.

We all understand the basic color – red, green, blue. Some of the basic colors are abbreviated as “real”, that is, sky (blue), green, red.

But if you look at the painter’s perspective, you will find red, yellow and blue as the basic colors. In that case, green is a compound color. But in the standard we usually judge color, we can say red, blue, green as the basic color.

And by mixing this red, blue, green color in equal proportions, we can get white. Again by mixing these three colors in different proportions we can get all the colors of the light spectrum.

And the colors we get from these three basic colors are compound colors.

Now let’s go with a little more color. Do you know how many colors are in total? When you open your color pencil box, you may see 5, 12 or 20 colors. But how many colors are there in total? For example, if you ask a child, he can say some more color names like red, blue, orange, yellow etc. If you are asked again, maybe you can name a few more colors like violet, turquoise, brown. But our eyes can detect about one million colors individually. We’ve just named a few colors. It is not possible to name so many colors. So scientists have arranged for each color to be separated by numbers and code. Also introduced a few color models for further color variations. Because, only red, green, It is possible to create a certain range or range of colors with the blue color (RGB Color). The technologies we currently use (computers, televisions, printers, etc.) require far more color variations. Therefore, by combining the colors of CMY (Cyan, Magneta, Yellow) color models in different proportions, I can create more colors. Specifically, the printer prints pictures using this color model.

I have said so much, now say, white and black color is really considered a color?

Believe it or not, from a physics standpoint there is no color to be called white and black. White is the sum of all colors and black is the absence of all colors.

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