Codes for Into the Breach

Into the Breach cheats for squads, pilots and money

Getting all squads and pilots

  1. Make a profile in the game when you first start it.
  2. Open folder: C: \ Users \ [* USERNAME *] \ Documents \ My Games \ Into The Breach
  3. Go to the profile folder _ [* PROFILE NAME *]
  4. Find and open profile.lua file using notepad
  5. Find lines 9 and 11 to replace them with the following code:
    • [“Squads”] = {true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true,},
    • [“Pilots”] = {“Pilot_Original”, “Pilot_Soldier”, “Pilot_Youth”, “Pilot_Warrior”, “Pilot_Aquatic”, “Pilot_Medic”, “Pilot_Hotshot”, “Pilot_Genius”, “Pilot_Miner”, “Pilot_Recycler_Assler” , “Pilot_Leader”, “Pilot_Repairman”, “Pilot_Mantis”, “Pilot_Rock”, “Pilot_Zoltan”,},
  6. Save changes and start the game.

Console commands for Into the Breach

In the game, press the tilde (“~”) to open the console and enter the code.

  • help – see some useful commands with description
  • kill – destroy all enemies on the map
  • rich – get reputation points and multiple cores
  • event – add an event
  • incident – add an incident
  • invasion – add an invasion event
  • anim – check animation
  • sanim – check animation (on the map)
  • reload – refresh scripts
  • day – set a day
  • unlock all – unlock all
  • resolution – resolution (do not use in full screen mode)
  • makeitso – Unlock All Points
  • unlock ach – unlock all achievements
  • debug – enable debug mode
  • popups – enable popups
  • musc_version – switch between music versions 1 & 2
  • gog_clear – clear gog achievements
  • steam_clear – clear all achievements
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