COD Warzone: How to get fast money in games?

In COD: Warzone you can earn dollars to purchase perks and more at supply stations. Here we give you the best tips to amass large sums of money fast.A very curious mechanic that Call of Duty: Warzone adds to its Battle Royale games is the possibility of getting money to later invest it in advantages in order to be the winners. But how can you amass big bucks fast ? With this entry in our guide we will give you the best advice in this regard.


  1. Better methods to get money fast
  2. What is the money for in COD: Warzone?

Best methods to get money fast

Next we will go on to give you the best insured methods to accumulate money right away in Battle Royale games (not to be confused with COD Points ). Keep in mind that this money is individual for each game , that is, it does not accumulate in successive games. And also, if you die (whether you go to the Gulag or get eliminated), you will lose a large part of the dollars you have accumulated, although not all.


Knowing this, let’s go over the top three sources of money in the game.

Complete contracts

A small mechanic that this COD: Warzone introduces to accompany the subsequent obtaining of money is to complete tasks or contracts in our games. These contracts can be easily made between all members of the platoon and are there to accompany. That is, they are totally optional , but if you do them you can increase your savings in the game.

To locate a contract you just have to look at some icons that are scattered around the map, they are marked with a kind of yellow shield . Approach them and collect them to start the contract, there are 3 types .

  • Reward:you are assigned an objective that you must eliminate in a certain time to complete it successfully (the player with the reward is warned that you are following it).
  • Recognition:an area of ​​the map is marked for you to which you must go to stay a few moments, which will also reveal to you which is the following safe area of ​​the ring.
  • Scavenger:You must open 3 designated Caches within a time limit to complete it.

Explore any corner of the map

Obviously one of the easiest and simplest ways to accumulate money is to search through the different scenarios on the map . You will find money sometimes loose on the ground, be it small or large amounts. Just by going over it you will pick them up.

Where you will most often find them is indoors , in buildings and houses, especially in large areas of the game. Also, of course, do not forget to open all the caches you find, since the vast majority will reward you with extra money.

Steal money from your enemies

The last method, but by no means the least, is very basic. Every time you eliminate another player, make sure to steal the money they had accumulated . Dead players will drop a lot of dollars they had accumulated, so if you can, go quickly to the corpse and take it out. You never know, maybe the other player has a large sum of dollars and with a stroke of the pen you will increase your savings.

What is the money for in COD: Warzone?

The main use for money in COD: Warzone games is at Supply Stations , which are marked on the map with a shopping cart symbol . In these stations you can access to buy several advantages among which are the famous Call of Duty kill streaks , so you can already get an idea of ​​how valuable money is.

  • Note:If you want to check the complete list of items that can be purchased at the stations, as well as a map with the location of all the ones there are, visit this entry in our guide.
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