Clown therapy: “the magic of a smile” to bring joy to the children in the hospital

Is there anything sadder than seeing sick and bedridden children in the hospital? Yet even in that situation a little joy and carefree laughter can arrive thanks to the clown therapy that is spreading even more in our country. To make this service more stable, at least in some hospitals, the campaign “The magic of a smile” has started .

Until 27 September it is possible to support the initiative by sending an SMS to 45595 and making a donation of 2 euros or by calling the same landline number (5 euros). Thanks to the money collected, the Dottor Sorriso Onlus foundation will be able to guarantee the presence once a week of 2 clowns in the wards of 8 pediatric wards and 2 rehabilitation institutes for disabled children.

The foundation has brought clowns to Italian pediatric wards for 18 years thanks to the professionalism and competence of numerous people who, after attending special courses, are ready to offer their cheerful performances to hospitalized children and their parents, helping to alleviate their sufferings and managing to remove them at least for a moment from the problems they face.

But it’s not just this. It has been proven that clown therapy by acting positively, through laughter and good humor, on the psychological system of the child is also able to improve the ability of children to react to the disease and therefore help in the healing process together with the more traditional therapies.

The hospitals involved in the initiative are: the Policlinico of Modena, the Federico II Policlinico of Naples, the “De Marchi” pediatric clinic, the “Ca ‘Granda” hospital in Milan, the “House for the relief of suffering” hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) and the AO “City of Health and Science” of Turin as well as the “Holy Family” rehabilitation institutes of Cesano Boscone (MI) and “Our family” of Bosisio Parini (LC).

It would be nice to see red noses more often in our hospitals and we hope that, at least in the future, wherever there will be a sick child there is also the possibility of giving birth to a smile!

by Abdullah Sam
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