Cloud gaming PC: Play to the fullest even with less powerful PCs

Are you an avid gamer? Would you like to play the Grand Theft Auto V video game at the highest possible resolution with mind-boggling graphic detail? Of course it asks who wouldn’t like it, sadly there is a problem you don’t have a PC with an 8GB graphics card, a six-core processor running at a speed of 3.7 GHz, so what would be the answer to the new way of to play great even with less powerful PCs? Look I tell you in three words cloud gaming PC or better to play streaming with PlayKey , now you will be curious to know what it is, right? Well then make yourself comfortable and follow me.

Cloud gaming PC: Introducing PlayKey the new way to play your favorite video games great even with PC without a powerful and expensive graphics card

Many of you are reading if you are passionate about video games and unfortunately you cannot play the latest generation games for the simple fact that they require extremely powerful hardware configurations then I recommend you try this service for the simple fact that with blockchain technology the future of gaming is in the Cloud and has become a reality as Playkey demonstrates  .

The future of Cloud gaming PC as seen by PlayKey

PlayKey has been operating in the video game sector since 2013 and offers its users a streaming game platform to play in the Cloud, through this solution even with less powerful PCs you can play smoothly without slowdowns and without having to mount expensive graphics cards.

The Cloud platform of video games PlayKey manages over 200 video games and allows you to play in streaming many famous gaming titles of all genres such as simulation, action, adventure, racing, RPG, RTS and many other genres, just to name a few you can play a: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Rust, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Projetc Cars and Project Cars 2, Outlast 2, Mafia III, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Call Of Duty: WWII and many more.

To use PlayKey it is very simple you have to download a lightweight client to the PC without physically downloading the game in this way you can have a large collection of video games without taking up unnecessary space on your hard drive, but also to have the maximum performance of a high-end machine with different framerate modes.

The client to play in streaming through the PlayKey Cloud is available for both Windows and Mac and once downloaded and installed and after registering you can try some Demo games for free, then later if you are satisfied you can decide to switch to a paid plan .

What you need to use PlayKey

In order to make the best use of Cloud gaming PC technology with PlayKey as you will have understood by reading the previous paragraphs you do not have to worry about having a very powerful gaming PC, you only need to have broadband Internet with a speed of at least 20 MB (better plans with 50 MB and beyond), moreover for a better performance in game streaming the PC would be better if it was connected to the router through the Ethernet cable and not in WiFi as the video game processes are transmitted in real time.

How PlayKey works

The operation of PlayKey at a practical level is very simple from the PC start the browser connected to the main page of the website and click on the Download client button then from the window that opens according to the characteristics of your computer select the word Windows or Mac  and then the Download  button > I’ve installed the client to start downloading installation files.

At the end of the download, to install the PlayKey client on Windows click twice consecutively with the left mouse button on the file just downloaded  PlaykeySetup_877982959.1517944026.exe (the version numbers may be different), then from the window that opens select Yes> Next as the next step, check I accept the agreement and click on the Next> Next> Next> Next> Install and Finish button to open the main page of the website.

Then go ahead and click on the Play for free button > Demo games> Play> Play then in the appropriate field type an email and check the I accept  and Sign up item to perform a short registration.

At this point, press the Play free button , check I have read and accepted the Term of Agreement> I accept> Open link to start playing one of the trial games made available by PlayKey, if you are asked to log in with the your Steam account if you have it alternatively get one through the main site , at the end after playing if the PlayKey service satisfies you as I wrote you can switch to a paid plan .


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